Review of the Harbor Freight Thunderbolt 1.5 Watt solar panel.

Application of Magnetic Power Generators for Free Energy

A bit of history of magnetic power generators The concept of creating electricity through the use of magnetic power generators existed for more than 100 years ago. Wesley Gary was the first person to come up with the self-powered magnetic motor idea in 1874, but not in practice. Hans Coler was the first to produce electricity using a magnetic motor in 1925 while working for the German army in World War II.

Magnetic Power Generators: Are You Tired of Your Electricity Bills?

For people who now looking for an alternate source for generating power, we have good news. Magnetic power generators now are able to produce power totally free of cost. The prices for the conventional ways of generating electricity today are very high and a lot of people cannot afford to pay for conventional energy from the big utilities companies.

How to Recondition Rechargeable Batteries – Deep Cycle Batteries For Home Renewable Energy Storage

The need for inexpensive deep cycle rechargeable batteries is rising. If you want to learn how to recondition rechargeable batteries, and also find some top tips on where to get cheap deep cycle batteries, for home renewable energy storage, then read on.

Why Living Green Is Important

Have ever wondered, why living green is important? You hear so much today in newspapers, on the radio and TV about green living that you must realize that there are concerns about our planet’s environmental issues. As our global population continues to grow, the pressure on our natural resources also increases. Listed below are what I consider to be world-wide concerns about our environment.

Homemade Electricity Basics

Almost everyone needs and uses electricity, our television, our DVD player, coffee pot, for just about any part of our lives. So the thought of not paying so much for has most likely crossed your mind.

Solar Energy Facts You Need to Know

The growing interest in utilizing solar energy as an alternative to the increasing cost of electric energy has made a lot of people try to make their own way of “harvesting” solar power for their household consumption. Generally, solar energy is one of the most obvious alternative sources of energy. Of course, it is also better for the environment compared to the traditional sources of energy.

Why The Solar Energy Information You Don’t Know Matters

There’s a lot of mis-information out there about solar power and green energy. If you are thinking about jumping into alternative energy read this article first. You’ll be glad you did. There are a few things you need to know before taking the plunge.

Types of Alternative Energy – Benefits of the Sun and Wind

Solar energy and wind energy is wildly known as an efficient source of energy, but very few people don’t know how to benefit from its power. Every year the average person spend thousands of dollars on their electric bill. This can lead up to thousands of dollars being wasted on energy every year. To benefit from the suns power, all you need to do is simply put out a solar panel on top of your house or slant them towards the sun in your back yard.

Solar Panels Are Expensive! Learn How to Build Your Own

Due to the increasing knowledge of the natural ill-effects of the traditional sources of electrical energy, many people have already come to embrace the importance of having an alternative source of electrical energy specially the renewable ones such as wind and solar. Becoming rather too popular in today’s households is the presence of electronic gadgets powered solely by the energy coming from the sun.

Build a Solar Panel Without Much Effort

The vast availability of information in the internet today has given anyone the capability of doing things which previously had been unfeasible. One of such things is the ability acquire electrical energy from the sun. Nowadays, one can readily build a solar panel right in the comfort of

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