Renewable Energy From Landfills

Advantages of Renewable Energy Sources

Due to the increase in rise of fuel and electricity costs, it has become mandatory for us to find new and alternative ways of producing energy. Hence it is important that we explore more and more renewable energy sources which will help us generate clean and environment friendly energy.

Printed Cotton Bags

Retailers have realized that selling printed cotton carrier bags is good for business and that the sale of printed cotton bags can be as much or more lucrative than selling unadorned cotton bags. Natural as well as organic cotton bags come in many colors and sizes ranging from a small coin purse to that of a duffel bag or a large laundry bag; however regardless of their size these cotton bags are made of reusable cloth which provides a wonderful green alternative to plastic bags. They also make wonderful promotional items when attractively branded with the company logo and…

Reusable Branding Bags

The environmental issues currently being faced are numerous but one of the most well known deals with the decision between paper and plastic bags at the check-out. Consumers are faced with this decision every day and the most environmentally friendly option is that neither paper or plastic. Paper bags are recyclable but many consumers do not take this route.

Living Green and Saving Energy: My Experience With Solar Panels

Saving energy is a cornerstone of living a greener lifestyle. There are a number of simple steps one can take that require little or no investment, and they will all pay off. But after making sure that the attic was well insulated, that windows were caulked and drafts were blocked, and getting my family to pay attention to how the thermostat was set, I was ready to try a bigger, and consequently more expensive, experiment. I decided to install solar panels on my home. Was it worth it? Well, here are the results.

Greening Your Special Day

There are so many ways that you can go green. Read this article to find out seven things you can do to make your wedding day green.

Is Energy at the Top of the Food Chain

I know what my Grandpa would have said if I asked him to use the word “energy” in a sentence. He would have said something like, “Well, I’ll get to work and then worry about energy later?” My Father would have said something like,”if the energy goes out, we’ll be in the dark.” If I asked my twenty year old to use the word energy in a sentence, he would most likely say, “buy it at the store, it lasts for 5 hours.”

Greening Your Shopping Experience in 3 Simple Ways

Want to go shopping while being green and going green? Check out these 3 helpful tips.

Solar Pontoons and Appliance Life Span

The sea of panels was installed about two years ago at a winery in California’s famous wine country. The floating solar array supplies all of the winery’s electrical needs and then some. The access energy is donated back into the grid with a net metering agreement with the power provider.

Can You See The Green In Your Wallet – LEDs

It is amazing how little changes in your life like changing your light bulbs can both save the earth and your pocketbook at the same time. Count how many light bulbs you have in your house and start counting the green you will save changing them all out to LEDs. With the money you will save, you can start thinking about all the other green changes you can make in your life!

Branded Bags Promote Environmental Responsibility

Over the past several years, environmentally aware individuals have looked for new and more effective ways to preserve the planet. Global warming and the earth’s diminishing natural resources are adding to the devastation of the environment. To save the planet, many companies have begun producing reusable, eco-friendly shopping bags.

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