‘Relying on large-scale nuclear for base supply is a bit problematic’

Alternative Energy To The Rescue

Renewable energy is the energy that is replaced naturally at a rate equal to or greater than it’s consumption by humans. The main source of energy in today’s world consists mainly of fossil fuels, which have been produced and stored in the earth since it came into existence. But this main source of fuel is irreplaceable.

The Advantages Of Going Green With Green Energy

The popularity and awareness of renewable energy is growing at a rapid rate every year. It is right that it should be so, because renewable energy (also called sustainable energy or green energy) is our key For a better tomorrow. If humans continue to use non renewable resources such as fossil fuels that emit harmful greenhouse gasses into the environment and devastate mother nature, it wont take long before there is nothing left of our planet and the human race.

The Essence of Compost Bins

Compost Bins are essential tools for the people who are very much inclined to farming and gardening. These two activities are concerned with planting of crops, plants, flowers and the likes. When doing your farming and gardening activities, one important factor should not be missed. This thing is the compost production.

Renewable Energy Solutions – The Solar Option

As the world steadily eats away at its energy resources, it is important that we reduce our dependency on non-renewable energy sources such as oil and coal. We understand that some non-renewable sources of energy are approaching their peak supply so renewable energy offers a way forward as the supply decreases. There are three major types of energy solutions which can be stated now. These are solar energy solutions, solutions for hydropower and wind power solutions.

What Could You Light Up With a 60 Watt Solar Panel?

When people talk about changing to solar energy for their house, pictures can come to the mind of a huge amount of panels on the roof and a big electrical switch unit with inverters and batteries. Complete electrical solar power systems purchased in shops and installed by them can easily cost you 8000 dollars. A high investment, which scares off a lot of people. Consider to start with smaller investments.

Ways of Financing Solar Projects

Some utilities pay more for electricity produced in certified renewable plants like a solar photovoltaic power plant than in facilities run on fossil fuels. Premium can rise up to 60% over market price.

Get Organized and Go Green

This year Earth Day is on Friday, April 22nd. Are you ready to participate? It’s easy to make a positive impact on the environment for yourself and future generations, if you are organized.

10 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Tips for making your home more eco-friendly. Learn how you can easily lessen your family’s environmental impact.

Savior of Water Resources: The Use of Rain Barrels

70% of the Earth is made up of water. Whenever it rains, have you ever thought of utilizing it? Although rainwater may seem dirty or not the best choice for potable water, it can really substitute most of our water needs. And what better way to save rainwater than to make use of rain barrels.

Three Important Steps in Planning Your Spring Eco-Garden

Now is the time of year for some people to start thinking about the spring preparations for your Eco-garden. Mother Nature will kindly supply us with the sun and the rain, but it is up to us to take the proper steps in ensuring that our gardens are functioning in environmentally sound ways.

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