Recent Droughts can be Attributed to Humans

How Rain Barrels Benefit Households

There are countless benefits associated with rain barrels. Rainwater collecting or harvesting had been practised a long time ago to save and conserve water.

Ways in Which Solar Panels Might Be a Bad Idea

Installing solar panels is a great idea – in nearly all instances. However it must be recognised that, as with every great idea, there are exceptions. It is true that some situations do not lend themselves to the creation of solar power and this article outlines a number of these. Avoiding these situations will save both heartache and money and ensure a good decision is arrived at.

How to Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls

When it comes to green living, one of the primary principles is to make sure nothing is wasted. Reusing toilet paper rolls offers fun and creative ways to contribute to the environment.

Simple Ways to Go Green at Home

For the environment conscious, doing your part to contribute to a more eco friendly earth can go a long way. Making a difference starts at home, and there are a variety of adjustments you can make in your home today to contribute to a positive difference.

Eco Friendly Hair Products

The hair is a human’s crowning glory that deserves the right and safe treatments, eco friendly hair products, to keep its gleam and life. Through the ages, with the advances in technology, cosmetics and beauty were also kept updated. Various means of beautifying oneself were invented, renewing one’s look from head to foot just like how an ugly duckling can turn into a swan princess.

Biodegradable Motor Oil

With the ongoing depletion of our fossil based fuels, it is becoming more necessary to be aware of how natural products can benefit our lifestyle. More countries are chipping in to make the planet more “green” by cutting back on hazardous emissions. Many households recycle their trash or form compost heaps in the backyard for fertilizer.

Environmentally Friendly Paint: The Safe Choice

Natural ingredients are used for environmentally friendly paint or organic paint. You might be surprised that organic paints can contain any or a combination of the following familiar substances – milk, soy, clay, lime, and chalk. If you can use safe paint, then why go for toxic paints?

Math in Solar Cost

The world is run by numbers. Anywhere we point our eyes we have nothing but digits that spells gain or loss. In normal situations, buying and selling goods would need computations down to the cents. Saving plays an important role in the world of Math and numbers. Owning your own source of energy through solar energy entails a little Math to compute.

How to Make Your Home Compost Bin a Success

Home compost bins are allowing average people to do more regarding the environment. Helping to encourage the next generation to get back to basics, and build composting bins in their gardens. Although many people think that having one of these bins in their back garden is an un-practical, impossible task this is simply not the case.

How to Start Your Own Worm Factory Compost Bin

Starting a worm factory compost bin is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that you get rid of each week. Most of us simply throw away food waste and other items that could easily be used with a worm factory. Worms will feed on many different kinds of items that you probably just end up throwing away.

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