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Green Living – Dust Mite Bedding

Thinking of microscopic bugs that survive by eating dead skin and hair shed by humans and animals is enough to make the skin crawl. These insects tend to reside in mattresses and pillows, where they can find a nice meal any time.

Green Living – Cleaning Up Litter

You do not have to be a so-called “tree hugger” to know that it is not acceptable to throw trash out the window of a moving car or onto the sidewalk. However, how many people simply walk by this refuse when they see it laying there in the curb? For many reasons, cleaning up litter is something that each of us should do.

Learn About Going Green by Powering Your Home With Windmills

Who hasn’t had a dream about how nice it would be to stop writing checks to MegaWatt Power Company every month. Who hasn’t had a dream about how nice it would be if we didn’t have to burn coal, petroleum oil or natural gas to make electricity for us to use in our homes.

Environmental Living – It Isn’t Easy Being Green

Kermit the Frog said it the best “it isn’t easy being green.” We are so used to our throw away lifestyle that we forget to take care of the very thing that sustains us; the earth. It isn’t too late though. We can still turn things around. National Geographic, probably the most earth friendly magazine in the world, has a map of the world on their website. They ask which part of the world is the greenest. Would you be surprised to discover that the greenest areas are those in South America, the one area where there are still rainforests and indigenous people who live with the earth instead of off of the earth?

Green Living – How to Make Your Own Greenhouse

Using a greenhouse, a gardener can grow a much wider range of plants, fruits, and vegetables throughout the year. The family can enjoy fresh food and fresh cut flowers without the need to purchase these items from the store. Knowing how to make your own greenhouse will also contribute to green living because it reduces the amount of chemically processed foods ingested into the body.

Green Living – Non-Toxic Pest Management

Ants, cockroaches, and mosquitoes are bound to invade the home or its surroundings at one point or another. There are commercial chemical treatments available to fend off these critters, but their ingredients are not usually very good for the environment, humans, or household pets. Here are some ways to perform non-toxic pest management within the home.

Greenery and Man

God almighty has created a green and beautiful universe for us. You like nature and its beauty. You like greenery.

It’s Easier and Cheaper Than You Think to Make Your Own Home Solar Panel

Slash your fuel bills and help save the environment. Make Your own solar panel for less than $200.

Solar Power – 5 Interesting Facts You May Not Know

Solar Power is a way of converting energy from the sun into electrical energy to be used in the home or business. There are a number of facts you may not have known about solar power. Most of the components of a solar power energy generating system can be installed by any person with average do-it-yourself skills.

Discover Wind Power – How Does a Wind Turbine Work to Generate Electricity?

A wind turbine works basically just like a fan in reverse. The way a fan functions is fairly simple. Electrical power in the form of AC current flows into an electric motor which causes the electric motor to spin. This spinning motion is applied to a horizontal axle which is attached to the blades of the fan.

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