Pushing 2800 watts with 2x Budget Friendly LiFePO4 BMS – Quick Test

How Does Solar Water Disinfection Work?

Solar water disinfection is known as SODIS. This is a way to use plastic PET bottles and sunlight to make potable drinking water.

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

Making your home green on a budget takes a little imagination, practical thinking and investment in the right areas. Conserve water: placing a slender shaped bucket in the shower collects a surprising amount of water. This water is great on plants or to wash down outside pathways.

Rain Barrels: Free Water For Your Lawn and Garden

Save money and water this year by installing a rain barrel. A rain barrel collects storm water from your roof, and stores it for later use on your lawn or garden. Rain barrels are a great way to reduce storm water run-off from your property, while providing you with a free source of water for your lawn or garden without burdening your well, or increasing your water bill.

Hydroponic Growing Will Increases Your Harvest Weight

Growing is both a way of life and a culture. I mean look at the different types of plants that are eaten all over the world. Some are eaten in more places than others.

Frugal Living to Reduce Carbon Footprinting – Saving Non Renewable Resources

Inevitably, in going about our daily lives each of us influence our carbon footprinting. Your eco footprint comes from many sources. Your home, your car, your diet, even your vacation adds to the problem.

Green Home Remodeling – Best Real Estate Investment Strategy for Commercial Property and Homeowners

Green Home Remodeling: Best Home Renovations for Consideration. Green home remodeling has experienced a rise in popularity across the region as many homeowners and commercial property investors seek to improve the appearance and durability of their property structures. I’ve come to truly understand why as well. Green renovations such as bamboo flooring or implementation of alternative wind energy usage provide long-lasting and favorable enhancements to properties that are sustainable, trendy and eco-friendly.

The Plastic Nightmare

We still do not know just how badly we are polluting the world. It is becoming more obvious that the multi-nationals and supermarkets are only interested in profits and not in the effects on our environment and health.

Solar Power, Photovoltaics, Energy Storage

Photovoltaics are used to convert sunlight into electricity, also the use of lenses or mirrors can be used to concentrate sunlight along with a tracking system to create the sunlight into a small beam. Conversion with Photovoltaics is done by the Photoelectric effect. Solar power has great potential,but does not supply much of the world’s needs.

Sustainable Gifts

It’s around five pm and you just remembered you were invited to a party. You worked all day and it slipped your mind. Oh no, you need a gift. A green gift because your friend lives a green lifestyle. Where in the world are you going to find a sustainable gift at this short notice?

Tips for Going Green

Are you a novice at living a green lifestyle? Do you look for ways to broaden your outlook on your lifestyle? If you already have a green life plan and are looking for more ideas this article might have a few new ones for you.

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