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An Unbiased Review of the E-Book Earth 4Energy

Earth 4Energy is one of the most popular e-books on the market. If you were to have a solar system professionally installed it could cost you upwards of $20,000. But imagine if you could build your own solar panel system for $200 or less, and build a wind turbine for around $150.

Current Solar Garden Lights

With the current hype and craze over solar lights it is no wonder that as decorators or home improvement do it yourselfers, we have many different types to choose form when it comes to how we want to light our yards. In a few simple hours thanks to the solar light industry we can transform our entire backyard into a nice entertaining area.

Will BPA Leach From Your Plastic Water Bottle?

BPA is a plastic component used in many food and beverage containers, including baby bottles, reusable water bottles and 5 gallon water cooler bottles. It has recently been implicated in improper fetal development, interference with learning, memory and mood and possible carcinogenic effects to the offspring of BPA-exposed pregnant mothers.

Go Green This Summer by Saving Water

Summertime is known for three things: heat, heat, and more heat! Lots of people try to battle the sun by playing in the sprinklers all day but such wasteful habits cost a ton of money and lead to droughts. There is a way to stay cool but still have an energy efficient summer and if you want to learn how, keep reading.

Green it With Quick and Easy Ways to Go Green This Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us and this is the time of year where going green becomes crucial. The amount of energy wasted on inefficient air conditioners, unnecessary car trips, etc. would shock you. The fact of the matter is, an eco friendly summer is an affordable summer because when you save energy you save money.

How to Make Your Own Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Whenever you look at the labels of most cleaning products, the ingredients seem endless! You would think that making your own supply would require an advanced chemistry degree because it all seems so complicated. Making your own cleaning solutions is a great way to save money and save energy so what if I told you that it’s also pretty easy to do?

Consumerism and the Compact

My husband is a very talented drawer of homes. He has many different sketches of homes.

Tidbit Information About Grass

Grass is everywhere around us. It can be seen in one’s backyard, playground and in just about anywhere outdoors. Aside from the beauty it lends to homes, what exactly makes grass one of the most important plants to grow in your lawns? What makes it so special? Grass does add beauty to our homes but do you know it can offer other benefits aside from aesthetics?

How to Reduce the Harmful Chemicals You Have in Your Home

Most homes have quite a few harmful chemicals in them. Find out what you can do that will help you reduce the number of these chemicals in your home and be a bit more natural.

Going Green in Home Renovation Plans

The concept of “going green” has caught up everywhere – in homes, office places or even in the planning of larger living areas and colonies. More and more people are coming to realise the importance of building living spaces that are eco-friendly or sustainable. As we all get frequent alerts about the state in which planet earth is, and the amount of effort that each of us would need to put in so that we preserve natural resources, we are motivated to make changes so that the lives we lead and the home in which we live will not be an added burden on our fragile environment.

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