Presenting The 10 Most Precious “Wonder Materials”

Self Cleaning Glass – The Ecological Solution

Typically when you think of cleaning the windows of your flat or house, it probably fills you with dread, because; (1) it means getting the ladders out of garage without scratching the car, (2) standing six foot from the ground with only a squeegee and a bucket for support, and (3) around 40mins of back breaking work. When you first hear of ‘self cleaning glass’ it conjures up all kinds of ideas from the sublime to the ridiculous, I mean how does glass clean itself exactly?

10 Simple Beginner Ways to Live Green and Cut Energy Costs

Every single soul should do their part in helping to create a sustainable earth. We can start by doing the small things. See ten of the simplest –

Mountain Residents Embrace Green Living

Energy efficient green built home features are becoming more popular and more affordable for the everyday consumer. Learn about passive solar, passive cooling, energy efficient lighting, and how trees help to insulate a home for more efficient energy usage for temperature extremes.

Bamboo Cabinets – Making an Ecological Choice

Plenty of homeowners at these days are trying hard to balance the home esteem with the concern for their environment, so they always look for renewable and natural materials for home improvements. Natural hardwoods are typically a preferred option for cabinetry but the beauty of hardwoods comes at an ecological price. And that is where role of bamboo cabinets come in.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Using Underfloor Heating

In a standard home, approximately 30% of the living space is taken up by radiators. Underfloor heating systems give you back this valuable space and the flexibility to live completely in your own space. Underfloor heating offers a near-perfect heating system giving maximum comfort and maximum control as well typical savings over 25% on your heating bills.

The Carbon Footprint Of Log Homes And Timber Frame Homes

Log Homes and Timber Frame Homes may have the lowest carbon footprint of any other type of construction. A carbon footprint is the measurement of carbon dioxide released as a result of using a particular product or other human activity. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere and major contributor to global warming.

Bamboo Cabinets – The Ecological Choice

Many homeowners today are trying to balance maximizing the value of their homes with their concern for the environment, so have turned to using natural, renewable materials when making home improvements.

Revealed Clothes Airers – The Easiest Way To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Now we have available a full range of clothes airers. The wall mounted airer leads the way contained in a sleek compact casing. This opens to form arms along which slide hanger rods. Always available to take the daily and weekly wash.

Bamboo Blinds Are Beautiful – Earth Friendly Window Treatments

It’s hard to find a business these living where bamboo hasn’t made an inroad. Be it structure timbers or hurtful boards, the hard firewood qualities and attractive appearance of bamboo is spinning heads. Porthole blinds are no omission. That tender, real, humid feel of bamboo is especially well meted to use as a window action.

How To Rid Clutter And Live An Organized Life

All of us have clutter, it’s just some of us have organized clutter and others let it get the better of them. Here is how you can rid clutter from your life and live a happier and more organized existence.

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