Oil Companies must plan for Major Production drop by 2030s

High Cost of Gas Turns People Toward Greener Measures

The seemingly steady and unstoppable rise in gas prices has consumers looking more and more for energy efficient systems. Once upon a time, the chief concerns in purchasing assorted machines and devices that help our homes and workplace run smoother were features, price, and the colors they came in. Not anymore. Increasingly, people are looking for energy star ratings along with features and cost.

Do You Make These Mistakes When Starting a Worm Bin?

Every time I create a new worm composting bin, my worms try bailing on me the first day or so. Does this happen to you? Be sure to have their main requirements met: Proper air flow, bedding and food.

Sustainably Harvested Teak Lumber

Teak wood is durable, aesthetically pleasing and can also be environmentally-friendly when grown via sustainable plantations. As the world market expands the popularity of teak lumber has increased exponentially. Because teak lumber is highly sought after there are some environmental concerns, such as the disappearance of rare old-growth teak. However, to combat old-growth disappearance the demand has led to eco-friendly growth in sustainable teak wood plantations.

Homemade Solar Cells – How to Make a Solar Cell

This article provide information on making up of solar cells at Home. A solar cell is also known as photovoltaic cell and is a device that is basically used to convert the energy that is received from sun to the electrical energy with the help of photovoltaic effect.

Build Your Own Solar Panels, Is This Really Possible?

Building your own solar panels to save energy costs is a fairly recent idea. This article provides a review as to how this is possible and whether it is worth your while. In particular, we look at the Earth4Energy instruction program which exists to help you do such a thing. The details of the program are presented along with a view of the complexity.

Recycling E-Waste

A common question that may come up with this discussion is what exactly E-Waste is. Well to put it simply, this type of waste is referring to electronics. Many companies, and people, at one point in time need to get rid of old electronics that they might have. Many people might think the best way is to just throw away their old computer, or a company might just want to trash an old server system. A better option in both circumstances is to actually have this type of waste recycled by a service that will come in and take care of everything for you.

Recycling Electronic Waste

When most of us hear the word “recycling”, what usually comes to mind? For many of us, it’s empty gallons of milk, paper products, and aluminum cans. Little do some know that we can do something about that broken laptop, ruined hard drive, and other electronic products. Recycling electronic waste is an important part of keeping our environment clean. Here are some products you can recycle that you might not be aware of, as well as some of the environmental effects:

A Greener Way to Lowering Your Electric Bill

Ever wondered of another way to lowering your power bill without lowering your standard of living? In these tough times where the cost of living is getting much more expensive, people are looking for new ways to save money on things such as food, gas and even homes. Many companies start to downsize as bosses start to lay off to save on payroll. Fortunately, there’s hope. This method is becoming one of the most common ways to save without breaking your bank.

Sun Tube Skylights Provide Households Affordable Green Energy

Throughout the ages, men and women by way of almost all areas of life have treasured the particular warmth in addition to illumination available from the sun. These days, more and more people have begun to realize that they’ll enjoy the warmth not to mention abundant light that would be furnished by the sun caused by installing a Sun Tube within his or her house.

Energy Efficient Houses

The biggest and newest thing in architectural design can be described in two words: energy efficiency. Call it smart design or intelligent design or whatever everyone else “in-the-know” says it should be called; it all boils down to building a beautiful, comfortable, safe, and most-importantly, energy efficient structure.

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