Off-grid Senior Designs Solar Array for Tiny Cabin Part 3 – Panels!

Are Solar Panels For Your Home Better Than Having Money in the Bank?

There are many people out there wanting to find out if investing in solar panels for their home would be beneficial. The answer for most is yes, if your investment is long term.

What Are Some Eco-Friendly Ways of Cooling Off During the Summer?

Most people realize that one of the biggest uses of electricity in your home during the warm months of the year is your air conditioner. You might be looking at ways of cutting back on your electrical usage in your home to be a bit more eco-friendly. Find out what some of your alternative cooling methods that you can be using if you don’t want to turn on the air conditioning.

The Facts and Truth About Solar Energy

There are two primary methods for manufacturing electric power from solar energy. The use of photovoltaic energy plants is one of them. These utilize solar cells to transfer solar radiation straight into energy. The second method includes solar-thermal power plants. A solar thermal plant will produce steam through solar power and convey it into use through a turban drive to generate electricity.

The History and Progress of Solar Energy Systems

The idea of turning light into energy was being considered by Edmund Becquerel back in 1838. He made observations and even published his findings concerning his ideas. They were never pursued. A solar powered motor was patented late in the nineteenth century using French funds. Auguste Mouchout designed a clever device which turned solar power into steam powered mechanics. This led to the first steam engine.

What is Great Green Energy?

The term “great green energy” has many implications in today’s modern world. For homeowners, it could mean a clean and free source of energy that’ll make their homes more eco-friendly. And one of the popular sources of this residential renewable energy is coming from solar powered fixtures.

Producing Biogas – A Way to Neutralize Waste and Produce Useful Energy

If you produce a lot of biomass waste (human, animal and plant waste) and on the other hand need to buy fuel for heating or cooking, producing biogas makes a lot of sense. Biodigestion is a good way to both neutralize waste and produce biogas that might substitute natural gas. And the digestate is a great all-natural fertilizer!

Homesteading Today

Have you noticed our world is changing? President Obama promised change, but is it the kind of change you were expecting? If the world continues to decline economically what are we going to face?

Top 3 Tips to Get Your Kids Going Green

Teaching your kids green habits may be among the most important responsibilities you have. Learning to be thrifty, considerate of your environment and resourceful are excellent traits that will take you far in life. This tip sheet explains three important areas to focus on.

How Modern Compost Bins Make Apartment Composting Possible

Although composting requires space, modern technology in some compost bins makes it possible for apartment-dwellers and those without backyards to create compost of their own. There are modern composters made for apartment living.

Green Power Energy Wind to Replace Burning Fossil Fuels

Green power energy wind is one of the best and most efficient forms of renewable energy. Wind power has been around for a long time as it was used for windmills and sailing.

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