Off Grid Inverters – Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine Wave

How to Conserve Electricity For a Lower Bill

This is an article for those who would like to conserve electricity in their homes, but find it difficult to remember and do such things as unplug the tv when not in use. There are numerous little anecdotes for conserving electricity in the home and your electric bill would fare well if you could implement just a few.

Q: How Much Does My Fridge Cost? A: Install an Electricity Monitor

I am a great believer in installing an electricity monitor to check your overall usage. These are very important for completing an overall audit of your individual circumstances. Here are four steps that will help your audit and allow you to introduce different ways to save electricity and reduce your bill…

Some Benefits and Drawbacks of Recycled Plastic Walkways

The benefits of recycled plastic have been pushed a lot by the media and producers of the products themselves. There are certainly benefits but there are some drawbacks for project managers to consider before making a leap from plywood to a recycled substitute. A major consideration with every project will always be cost now the benefit of using plywood is that it will be cheaper at the outset as the costs of laying plywood compared with plastic will be cheaper up front costs will be less at the start of the build.

Can I Really Go Offgrid With Homemade Electricity?

Every day we consume power, be it the use of MP3 players, laptops, stereos, huge televisions and home heating and air conditioning systems. We all need and use energy, but most of us have never thought of creating “electricity at home.” Can you Really go “Offgrid”? Can you build your own electric generator? Is that even possible? Yes. But before the “how” and “why” lets consider talking energy.

Green Home Design

Along with so much of the nation lately focusing on methods of saving the planet and going green, it’s not at all shocking that green has found its way straight into home design. A building is not green on the exterior without having being on the inside. Power conservation is a key action to going green therefore it simply seems appropriate that the starting point to a green interior design is always to plan rooms with energy sensitive lighting.

Various Rubber Recycle Products

Rubber mulch is an eco-friendly product which is in much demand today. These are one of the best products for your playgrounds, gardens or landscapes. These mulches ensure your children safety when they are playing at the hard surfaces.

How to Recycle a Fridge

As part of upgrading to a more energy efficient fridge, you may want to consider what to do with your old one. Well there is no need to dump the fridge. They are really easy to recycle which is both a good thing for the environment and your hip pocket. In fact through recycling, approximately 120 pounds of steel can be salvaged. That is equivalent to saving 290 kilowatt hours and that’s enough energy to run a new energy efficient refrigerator for 8 months. Here are some easy ways to recycle your fridge.

All About Passive and Active Solar Technology

Capturing the renewable energy of the sun is a wonderful alternative to using traditional fossil fuels sources. There are two ways solar energy can be collected: passive and active. Both ways are effective and when used together they can create a hybrid collection system.

Solar Energy: What Is It and How It Works

Solar energy is the Earth’s oldest energy source. An easy way to get started going green is by using the sun’s renewable resource.

Eco-Friendly Solar Power Systems

As we prosper through new technologies we are also changing the way our planet works, which should be the case. Enjoying progress and caring for the environment must go together.

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