Ocean Batteries?! Crazy Energy Storage Breakthrough!!

Understanding Different Rainwater Collection Methods

In metropolis, rainwater collection is practiced by families that adapted the modern technology and green lifestyle. Some places might not yet understand this concept but this has slowly been introduced to most homeowners.

What is Your Solar Potential?

One of the important steps what each and every person has to take before getting a solar panel is to evaluate the solar potential, in other words how much direct sunlight your house or property is getting. If the numbers what you get are favorable then you can go right ahead and order the solar panels. Evaluating the solar potential is not as easy as you think you have to do a couple of equations.

Solar Energy Kits For Homes

Yes, it is true that hiring a contractor and purchasing retail solar paneling can be expensive, sometimes costing upwards of $10,000, which is a low estimate. But many consumers are turning to do-it-yourself solar energy kits for homes. What are the pros and cons of home solar kits?

Guide to Green Cleaning For Residential, Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Businesses – Go Green!

Cleaning professionals need to strongly implement some type of “Green” effort in their business for many reasons. Over 50% of businesses and over 60% of homeowners in the U.S. make purchases based on whether the product or service is “green”. Commercial cleaning companies, janitorial companies, maid services and residential cleaning services need to adapt to these demands in order to maintain and increase future revenues.

Home Solar Power Systems – Can I Tell the Power Company I Won’t Pay That Much Again?

Home solar power systems use Photovoltaic solar power. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? What it is able to do really is cool. It is something that has become more popular in the last couple of decades. Most people have heard it called solar panel electricity, solar generated power or just solar power.

5 Easy Steps Towards an Eco Friendly Home

We have some way to go until we are able to call our homes genuinely eco-friendly or ethical, but even small changes can have a large impact to the environment (and our wallets). Setting up an ethical household isn’t necessarily about implementing large-scale alterations to your house as a way to lessen your carbon footprint. Being ethical is usually a personal choice that places more emphasis on the social and environmental obligations of being a home owner.

Eco Friendly and Powerful Outdoor Solar Lighting

You can also find various models of outdoor solar lights for different uses. The most common are solar lanterns, solar garden lights, solar road lamps and other decorative lights, which are powered by solar energy.

The Main Components of a Solar Hot Water System

Mounted on your roof, the collector captures the heat from the sun and transfers it to the liquid circulating through the panel. Sometimes this liquid is water, but it can also be a special type of fluid that eventually transfers the heat to your home’s storage tank through a heat exchanger. See below.

Be Environment Friendly and Save the World

In this day and age where everyone should be caring for the environment, learning how to recycle is extremely important. Everyone should make a contribution towards saving the environment from its destruction, simply for the reason that it is ultimately for your own good. You and your children will be the ones who will benefit from this.

Green DIY Energy Bonus – Power Company Pays You For Solar Panels

After researching the idea and benefits of adding solar panels for your home, there’s a very pleasant surprise to enjoy. Not only is solar clean green energy, and non-polluting, and has been made much more affordable with government tax incentives, but you will have a source of power separate of your power company’s sources. So, your electric meter will read less and less usage of power each month as you install added PV solar cells.

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