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Should I Replace My Second Refrigerator?

Do you have an old refrigerator in your basement or garage and wonder if the ads about going green and saving money actually apply to you? Let’s take a look behind the numbers Energy Star and retailers give you to determine if replacing that refrigerator is really cost effective. You might be surprised by what your fridge is costing to operate and how much you really can save.

Air Conditioning For Homes – Chilling Facts About Air Conditioners

Summer is here so it’s hot and its going to get hotter! But before you crank up you’re A/C here are some cooling thoughts on the impact your air conditioning unit has on our environment. It’s like night follows day sun comes out and the A/C comes on like clockwork. Summertime arrives, and the air conditioning for homes goes on in millions of American homes and workplaces

Alternative Energy – Green Energy For Our Homes?

We all hear about it. Can it work for me? Are we comfortable with everything that goes on in this world of ours that we will always have the power on? Is it worth my time or money?

Benefits of a Magnetic Energy Generator

The search for green alternative sources of renewable energy is a top priority for most of the world’s governments. The major considerations primarily rest on the criteria for any new source of green energy a) It must be environmentally friendly, so no use of carbon based or nuclear fuels b) No emissions of greenhouse gases c) Must use renewable energy source d) Should work night and day – there does solar energy e) Should work in any weather conditions – there goes wind power. So wants left?

Why Every Homeowner Needs a Compost Pile

Growing up in the country, we always had a compost heap somewhere back behind a shed or over the fence. My brother and I would always argue that it was the other’s turn to take out the compost crock and then wash it out and bring it back to the kitchen. We knew what went in the compost pail and what went in the trash before we even knew what compost was for.

Living the Life of a Greenie in Your Home and Driving Your Car – Question Is – How Green Are You?

So, you consider yourself a greenie, and you are living without a carbon footprint. You’ve installed solar panels on your home, taken the President’s advice and “weather stripped” and you have put in a smart meter, and your whole home has LED Lights! Right? Great then, and good for you, but what about your car, does it use fossil fuel – oh, so this is next on your agenda is it? Good for you and your tax credits for an electric car await, or do they?

What Are Some Solar Hot Water Heating Options?

Hot water is something many of us use everyday. There are a variety of ways of heating up your water by taking advantage of the sun’s heat.

The Loofen – To Address Landfill Issues

An innovative electrical appliance manufactured in Korea, ‘The Loofen’ operates by completely drying out and drastically reducing the size and weight of food waste. The Loofen also has a number of other benefits, including eliminating bacteria from the kitchen.

5 Money Saving Secrets to Save Water

Are you sick of paying too much for water bills? Do you want to have hundreds of dollars in your pocket today? If so, then you can save money by doing these 5 secret tips that the water utility doesn’t want you to know!

Why Recycle?

Recycling is an easy and effective way to save the environment. There are so many everyday objects in the home that can be recycled but instead are thrown away.

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