Liberty 200: How to create your own solar Pot Water Feature

Choosing a Kitchen Compost Bin

Choosing a kitchen compost bin might seem like a simple decision, but now you have more choices than ever before. This is because more and more manufacturers are feeling the need that more people want to compost than ever before.

Choosing the Right Sheets and Blankets – How Bamboo Can Help Your Bedroom

We’ve frequently heard the statement that we spend more than a third of our lives in bed. With spending that amount of time in a single place, you would like it to be both toxin free and eco-friendly.

Build Your Own Magnetic Generator and Benefit From Free Electricity For Life

Do you fancy a lifetimes free electricity? Well, you don’t have to enter a competition or win the lottery to get it – all you need to do is build your own magnetic generator.

Green Living – How to Purify Water

Situations may arise where the water being consumed is less than pure and can make an individual sick. If there is a natural disaster or an individual is confined to the wilderness, the only available water may contain bacteria or parasites. If it is not purified before it reaches the tap of the home or location, individuals need to know how to purify water.

Tips For Making Your Home More Eco Friendly

Anything that runs into an outlet or allows water to flow from it is a source of energy or resource consumption. Doing simple things such as laying down new carpet or turning on the oven have an impact on the environment. Following these tips for making your home more eco friendly will make a positive difference without costing a lot of money.

How to Live in a Smart Home

A smart house is a space that is using technologies for automation systems. In a traditional building, individual systems are controlled independently and their parameters are not affecting each other. A building can be called intelligent when its control is one integrated system, and decisions are taken based on data.

Tips For Buying a Home Solar System

Purchasing solar panels for the home is a large financial investment for a very worthy purpose. Many companies will advertise the results the system can generate, but do not be distracted by these ads. Use the following tips for buying a home solar system in order to make a wise purchasing decision.

Green Living – Why You Should Use Solar

Solar energy harnesses the power of the sun and converts it into thermal or electric energy. The energy from the sun can be used to power homes and businesses throughout the world. The reasons why you should use solar power pertain to financial benefits, environmental impact, and energy independence.

Green Living – Finding Eco Friendly Furniture

The state of the environment is impacted on a daily basis by pollution and out of control energy consumption. The demand for products cultivated from areas inhabited by wildlife presents a threat to the animals and the regrowth of the items harvested.

Green Living – Finding Green Cleaning Products

Green living requires making a commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle in all areas of life. Part of this includes using products, such as those for cleaning, that will not harm the environment. Finding green cleaning products is easy if a person knows what they are and where to look.

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