Kilowatt wind turbine and pole for under $150

The Disadvantages of Solar Energy – Set Up Cost

Many people want to get a straightforward answer when it comes to the set-up costs incurred by solar panels. The point is that there is no simple, direct answer to such an inquiry. The financial assessment of any project based on the energy of the sun should take into consideration the costs of materials and installation as well as maintenance.

Five Reasons to Install a Home Water Filtration System

You pay your water bill including the excess you are charged for sewer, you pay your state and federal taxes, and you expect the water that flows from your tap to be clean and safe for your family’s use. The only problem is that it isn’t. More and more possibly-harmful pathogens are passing through into public water. What you need is a water filtration system that operates in your home to ensure the safety of your water.

Working Out How Many Solar Panels You Need to Heat Your Water

Many households have to pay huge amounts of money on the energy they use for heating water. A green and more affordable alternative is installing a solar water heating system that uses the free, clean energy of the sun to heat water for the entire house. A solar water heating system is comprised of the following components: The collectors (the solar panels that collect solar energy) A hot water tank to store the heated water.

Wood Greenhouse Plans and Why They Are Still a Favorite

The number of Wood Greenhouse Plans is extensive due to wood being available for as long as we have been building structures. Finding the best set of plans that will meet all of your gardening needs can be a task in itself but you can do it. You will find numerous styles and options and don’t forget to check on any city ordinances that you may need to adhere to before, during and after the build.

The Disadvantages of Solar Energy for Kids

The Sun’s light is a renewable and free source of energy, and people use solar panels to capture it and heat their homes or power various appliances. But is the installation of solar panels advisable for a home that hosts many children? Of course, this aspect is debatable.

How to Use a Solar Oven

Regardless of whether you bought a solar oven or you manufactured your own from cardboard, aluminum foil and plastic wrap, the usage instructions and tips are pretty much the same. Make sure to keep the following pieces of advice in mind if you want to make the best out of your new solar oven:  

How to Make a Solar Oven at Home

Building a solar oven at home is quite easy. All you need to do is make sure to follow a few simple steps. But first, let’s see what tools and “ingredients” you will need: · two cardboard boxes (one large and one smaller) · black construction paper · a pair of scissors · aluminum foil · glue and invisible tape · staplers · old newspapers · a pencil (or a marker) · and plastic wrap.

How to Make a Solar Cooker

In order to be able to make a solar cooker yourself, there are a few important facts that you need to understand about how it works: The reflective surface – this is the most important part of a cooker and is usually made of a combination of cardboard and aluminum foil, simple reflective mirrors, or even polished glass sheets.

Green Products

When you hear the term green products most people think about and what comes to mind usually are products that are associated with the environment. Society thinks of products that are good for the environment and environmentally friendly as green products. People today, generally speaking, are more environmentally minded than they were in years past. This is based primarily on what is going on with big business and corporations and how these companies can affects our lives unexpectedly.

Working Out How Many Solar Panels You Need For Your Pool

People build house pools because they want to enjoy the possibility of having a swim whenever they want. The problem is that, sometimes, the unfriendly weather makes the water so cold, you cannot dip a finger in it. A solution would be a pool heating system, but the costs are far from appealing.

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