Kenyan Entrepreneur Turns Invasive Plant into Clean Cooking Fuel

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters can save you a world of troubles. They can also save you a lot of money. The great thing about solar water heating is that they save the environment while benefitting you too.

The Power of Going Green

Living green is a conscious choice that you and your family can make. It is not easy to be green in every lifestyle decision, but you can make a significant contribution to helping to protect the environment. Start living as a green family, and you will see that it is possible to feel like you are making a real difference in promoting sustainability and environmental protection.

Copper Recycling Nets Quick Cash for All

Scrap recyclers are always on the hunt for some precious pieces of aluminum, brass, copper, and steel that can be melted down and turned back out into the market as new products. If you have items made of this material sitting around the house you may be able to get some quick cash for your old junk.

Why Should I Recycle My Electronics?

Well of COURSE recycling is a better option to throwing something in a landfill! Of course if you can help it, you should not create more waste in this world than there already is! But did you know that you are supporting yourself too?

What Are The Benefits Of Recycling Electronics?

Do you have a lot of junk in your house that you need to get rid of? Is it obnoxiously heavy? There are recycling companies that not only recycle to make the world a better place, but they also come right to your house and do all the heavy lifting for you so you won’t have to lift a finger.

What Are My Recycling Options?

Do you have an old computer that is just collecting dust in your closet? Do you collect dead batteries in a jar because you feel guilty about throwing them away? You might want to check into electronic recycling.

Are You Protecting Your Energy Security?

The supply of affordable and reliable energy is vital for the stability of our life-style. For this reason Energy Security is a vital national issue. However it is also an issue you should consider at your own household level.

What Are The Best Types of Insulation for Your Home?

Going green is not only fashionable today but practical as well. Transforming your home into an environmentally friendly dwelling place lets you both conserve energy and use energy efficiently while at the same time enjoy the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of home. One of the few easy transformations you can do to turn your house into an eco-friendly home is the installation of house insulation. By insulating your house, you conserve energy by keeping the home warmer during the cold season without having to use so much electricity. Also, with house insulation installed, you can keep your home cooler during the summer season as well.

Keep Warm in Winter

Keeping warm with clothes is one option, the other is to warm your house. Just how cold and draughty a home can be, we all have felt when we needed warmth the most: the day of an oncoming flu or cold. How can we “avoid that our house catches a cold” clocking up not medical bills but electricity bills? Over the last decades, the natural recipe to feel snug and warm during winter in our own four walls has somewhat been forgotten.

Sunlight: Green, Free and Sustainable!

Saving electricity is not only about changing light bulbs. it is about eliminating the need to switch on your lights in the first place. Learn what can be done to reduce the need for light during the day. Learn how to green your home in a different way by incorporating natural sunlight by means of skylights, sola tubes, blinds, curtains, mirrors etc. The fascinating world of “daylighting” can save a lot of electricity and green house gases.

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