Keep An Eye On This Nuclear Fusion Power Breakthrough!!

Why Are You Using Pesticides Again? Top 3 Alternatives Revealed

Recently after becoming fascinated with removing toxic cleaning chemicals from my house, I expanded into finding new ways to kill unwanted weeds. Pretty exciting, I know. Well, as a result I’ve saved a bit of money and kept a handful of toxins out of my house.

5 Keys to Making Your House More Eco Friendly

Living a more eco friendly lifestyle has come into vogue in the last decade. With our country and the world facing many environmental issues ranging from global warming to increased water shortages, people are beginning to realize the full impact of our daily actions on the environment, and ultimately, our lives. If you are among those who desire a greener lifestyle, then this article is for you.

How White Colors Might Help the Environment

Could changing to white help the environment? Learn what white things might aid in saving energy which could help the environment.

4 Good Reasons to Consider Going Green

The new popular trend is to Go Green. Maybe you have thought about it, maybe you’re tired of paying those ever increasing heating and utility bills. Many people have made the decision to go Green, that is, to change some aspect of their lifestyle to help support the environment and to help their own economic situation.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Soil to Live Sustainably

To be able to live sustainably off your own land is an ambition for most gardeners, but one of the most crucial aspects to growing and living sustainably is making sure that the soil you are growing on will give you the best possible results. How do those of you who spend a huge amount of your time and effort implementing good soil management know if it is paying off?

US Government Gives Go Ahead to Largest Solar Farm in US

It is no secret that we face an energy crisis in the US and the entire world. The fossil fuels that run the industrial world are running out and we need to do something about it. We cannot live without electricity, that much is a given.

How to Take Your Living to the Next Level – Affordable Green Housing

If the 20th century was stigmatized by the 2 world’s wars, the new warrior of the 21st century, that makes waves in the world’s front-line trenches, is Greenpeace, according to the NZ Herald. Since green is the new global color, the affordable housing concept was also forced to improve. So the affordable green housing concept kicked in and brought to the table a completely new design for people with a small budget.

Generate Your Own Electricity With Home Windmills

Thousands of years ago we first learned to use wind to push us across the ocean in the form of sails. Later on this same wind power was used to pump water and to mill grain. And now we can use the same principles in conjunction with our more recent knowledge of magnetic induction to create electricity. This can even be done at home!

Magnetic Generators – Can You Really Make Them on Your Own?

Have you heard the rumors that you can make your own magnetic generators and save tons of money on your electric bill? If so, you have may have a mix of thoughts about the concept of creating your own generator. You are likely intrigued and interested but still skeptical about your ability to actually create a functional generator that really works without a professional guiding your every move.

Go Green – Shop-Sell at Consignment Sales

Families today are more focused on helping the environment. The “green” movement centers around recycling.

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