Jellyfishbot by IADYS: the Tiny Bot Helps Clean Up the Sea

A Simple Explanation of Cheap Compost Bins

The cheapest way of course is to make your own. It could be made out of anything. Simply put, a compost bin is just a container for your compost.

DIY Home Composting Explained

Today more than ever it is important to look forward to the future with green living in mind.  If we don’t start to take care of our planet fifty years from now we will be wishing we had. It is trying to be generous for the next generation.

Green Roofs and Water Mitigation

With more and more people turning towards eco-friendly living and making changes to their structures to accommodate such trends, we couldn’t help ourselves but to write about the Green Roof. Also known by other names, including eco-roofs, oikosteges, vegetated roofs and living roofs, the eco-roof is gaining some new popularity even though it is long rooted in history.

More Than Just Hot Air – Understanding Micro Wind Power

As consumers are becoming more aware of the lasting effects non-renewable energy fuels can have on the environment, many are seeking a more sustainable, eco-friendly option that not only is cost effective, but can also be sustained. Wind power is one of the most eco-friendly options currently available. Wind is a continuous resource, making wind power an unlimited power supply, especially when the power can be stored in batteries for a later use.

Solar Panel Quotations

If you are considering having Solar Panels installed, either for commercial or residential property, then any reputable solar company will ask the following questions when they come and visit you. If you are in doubt of any of the questions being asked, then do not be afraid to question them, after all you will be investing a considerable amount of money so need to know all the facts.

Aeration Methods For Cheap Compost Bins

Aeration is a way to speed up the composting process for your organic waste. It is one of many methods you can use in combination with one another. It also produces higher quality compost which your soil will love!

Eco-Compost Tumblers: Great, Cheap Compost Bins

Composting can and should be a year round endeavor, as the richness of the soil is dependent upon the hard diligent work put into composting. No bones about it: compost takes some time, effort and some real sweat to get the quality of soil that anyone would want to use. There are some really simple containers that can take the guesswork out of creating compost, and keep the area looking neat and controlled.

Best Cheap Compost Bins for the Home

Who wouldn’t want to cut down food and kitchen waste by almost fifty percent? Let me tell you about a simple and cost effective method for doing just that. Composting is a relatively new technique in which you turn your organic waste – kitchen or otherwise – into nutrient rich soil fertilizer, also known as compost.

Five Tips for an Eco-Friendly Halloween

Halloween is a festive time of year, but isn’t very environmentally friendly. Go green this Halloween with these five easy tips.

What Is an Off Grid System?

An Off grid system refers to a house or building being independent from the conventional electricity supply line by generating the very own electricity it needs using its own electricity generator(s). Off grid systems are particularly common among those who live in remote areas where connecting to the main supply line is expensive. Nowadays, they are also being used on suburban houses that have the option to opt out of the local electricity supply line.

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