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Living Green is Good For the Environment and For You

A green lifestyle is not so difficult to achieve. With a little understanding of the environment and of eco friendly products you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Home Energy Audit – Searching For Sources of Mass Consumption

Did you faint at the sight of your last utility bill? The first step in saving money on your energy bill is to do a home audit. Find the waste and eliminate the source.

Alternative Methods in Energy Consumption

The more the world is developing and becoming modern, the more its inhabitants, or more precisely us humans, disregard the environment. Ever since the discovery of oil, it has become the number one energy supply to feed industries, automobiles, machines and the economy. We dig deeper and deeper each day looking for more sources of oil and gas, minerals and stones without thinking about Mother Nature. But Mother Nature has hit back by relishing her fury of weather conditions, melting ice caps and other natural phenomenon. Her call has been heeded. More and more people nowadays are looking towards cultivating a greener way of living, being more eco-friendly by reducing their carbon footprints on earth, reducing waste, recycling and reusing materials and resources.

Save Energy and Cut Your Carbon Footprint – 5 Ways You Probably Never Thought Of

Many people will know some of the obvious ways of saving energy such as improving insulation, using low energy light bulbs and turning off appliances. Here are another 5 ideas that you may not have thought of – which between them may result in a significant reduction in energy usage.

How to Live Green – Eco Friendly Tips For Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Are You Looking To Save Your Planet And Use Less Energy? Discover Simple Steps To Save The Planet, Save Money & Live More Green Everyday…. Tips, Blog and lots more!

Decorating Eco-Friendly – Taking Care of Your Home – Planet Earth (With Resources)

So how can you (savvy person that you are) help our environment? Think of the “R”s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, plus I like adding Redecorate, Re-energize, Revitalize! Below are a few tips and ideas on how you can help our planet survive. Folks, it comes down to this – we either evolve or die. That simple! We need to take positive action to have a better (healthier) planet and better (happier) you! So below are a few stylish ideas and tips on how you can help “your home” – planet earth. I am going to be revealing several websites, so I recommend that you read the entire article 1st then when go back to the websites that you want to check out further.

Ecologically Friendly Furniture

Our planet is not replaceable. As obvious as that statement is, people still treat Earth like there is another one on the back burner. The ocean levels are rising, the ice caps are melting and our ozone layer is disintegrating; we’ve left more of a carbon footprint in the last hundred years than the rest of history combined!

Living Green in the Home While Saving Money

Many years ago in Florida, my wife won an essay contest in which the subject was reducing our impact on the environment. Her prize was a t-shirt that said, “RECYCLE or DIE”. Whenever I think of the “green” movement, I always remember that t-shirt and what it means to me and my family.

Sustainable Houses – The Things We Can All Do to Live a Little Greener

In a consumer driven society we are frequently confronted with life style decisions that can impact on our environment and one of the largest decisions that any of us will make is the kind of house that we choose to live in. The twin fangs of global warming and rising energy costs has seen in a shift in emphasis in recent years away from “environment be damned, show me the plasma!” to looking at ways in which we can live in greater harmony with our surroundings.

Tankless Water Heaters Are a Green Way to Live

Environmental issues pop up almost daily in the media so that we are becoming conscious of how much the planet needs our support. And if you are like me, you are reminded every time you put the trash out. This is why I was happy to discover tankless water heaters.

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