Installing a Basic 12V Solar System in an Off Grid Cabin

Small Garden Designs – The Basics

A good garden design is not about succumbing to the latest trend and throwing something together. It is about making the most of what you have and creating a stunning space you can’t wait to get back to at the end of the day.

DIY Wind Turbine Project

You’re thinking about building a wind turbine as part of your home energy solution. This article looks at how wind & solar energy solutions work together, and some critical things you need to consider before embarking on a DIY wind turbine project.

Solar House Plans – Active Vs Passive?

So you are thinking about going green, off the grid, using nature as your ally rather than an opponent that you need to be fearful of at every turn in your life. Going green, being environmentally conscious and using solar house plans is no longer a hippie pipeline dream that has no merit.

Categories Of Rainwater Harvesting

There are three major categories of rainwater harvesting. Active systems utilize tanks, pumps, pipes and energy inputs. Passive systems use gravity, topography, swales, ditches and ponds.

Rainwater Harvesting Collection Surfaces

A lot of people ask what type of material is suitable for rainwater harvesting. While a metal roof is ideal, especially for drinking water, most any material can be used. This article discusses the types of surfaces that are safe for collecting rain.

Solar Power Equipment and Our Future

An incredible fact is that the energy that we humans consume in one whole year is only equivalent to one hour of the sun’s energy output to the earth. The sun possesses enormous amounts of energy that is freely transmitted to the Earth and gives life to all the creatures on our planet. Each organism on Earth has its own Solar Power Equipment for utilizing the suns energy.

5 Hot New Bathroom Accessories For Eco Friendly Bathroom Decor

Eco friendly bathrooms or the green bathrooms are hot and happening bathroom trends for the summer 2010. A variety of bathroom interior designs along with eco friendly and low water consumption fittings and equipments are used to make the it as environment friendly as possible.

Advantages of Garden Pots

Why use garden pots? Any advantages? Do they promote healthy growth for my plants?

Solar Renewable Energy

It is always so amazing to note that with the rise in solar energy usage; a lot of people are still ignorant of the wonders of this type of energy. Not only does it reduce wastage but it helps the environment as well. What is not to like?

The Economic Impact on Heating This Year

The economy has reached an interesting point in our history.  It’s not at the lowest it has ever been.  We are still enjoying parts of our lives that can be enjoyed despite our downturn.

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