Immunotherapy: The Newest Way Of Figthing Cancer

Harvesting Rainwater in Prescott Arizona

Harvesting rainwater is the gathering and storage of rainwater for domestic use. Although not always clean enough for human consumption, the rainwater can serve many other purposes like water for flushing toilets, washing clothing or cars, irrigating the lawn and garden, and providing water supplies long distances away from a dedicated ground well or other reliable source of water. It can be make life simpler, safer, and less expensive for those who live on northern Arizona ranch property and own livestock and horses.

Going Green In Your Bathroom Renovations

If you’re renovating your home, it’s time to go green! Learn how to go green in your bathroom renovations.

What Are Photovoltaic Cells?

If electricity doesn’t power lights, what does? Here’s the science behind the sun’s magic rays: to put it simply, photovoltaic cells convert light into electricity, at an atomic level. These PV Cells gather the light as protons, release it as electrons, which can then be used as electricity.

Begin Your Green Education Today With Solar PV 101 – Panels

You have probably heard that it is a great investment, that it does wonders for the environment, and that it reduces our dependence on coal and oil, but what exactly is Solar Power? In Solar PV 101, we introduce the solar, or photovoltaic, cell.

The Future Of Electricity Through Wind Power

In the past, wind power generators have been slow to come into use. The advantages it offers over the burning of fossil fuels, however, make it imperative that we continue to develop and implement more wind energy technology in order to provide clean energy all around the world. Preparing for the future now will allow us to wean ourselves off of our dependence on fossil fuels and tap into a resource that is cleaner and longer lasting than the most popular fuels used today.

The Benefits Of Wind Power

As more and more people get conscious today about the necessity to reduce carbon emissions to help protect our environment, the use of renewable energy plays a key role in this quest to help to save our planet.   Wind power has emerged as one of the most effective ways of harnessing the planet’s natural resources to produce a clean form of energy that doesn’t harm our environment.  

To Enjoy The Advantages of Wind Power, Discover If You Have Enough Wind

I was so surprised when I found out that there are government resources to help me find out if all the advantages of wind power will work for me. You can’t build a wind turbine if you do not have enough wind to begin with. It is pretty easy to figure out.

Basics About Bonsai Trees For The Beginner

If you are thinking about the purchase of Bonsai Trees, then there are a few things that you need to know before you get too involved in this type of tree. These are for the most part just like a regular tree. The also range in size from a few inches to a little over a few feet in height.

Bonsai Trees Beauty Worth The Wait

When the word Bonsai is mentioned in conversation, most people probably think of a beautiful, tiny, juniper tree planted in a small dish. While juniper is a good choice for bonsai, it is by far not the only one. Most any plant, trees and shrubs in particular, can be grown this way.

Eco Friendly Apartment Design & Living Tips

Just because you are living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a greener lifestyle. These simple tips can go a long way.

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