If You Painted Your House With This, Here’s What Would Happen…

Solar Power – Small Loads Add Up

Keep your electricity at a minimum, especially when using alternative (green) energy. Unplug devices when not in use.

The Numerous Advantages in Using Raft Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a new innovation in the art of planting especially in urban areas where soil for planting is scarce. In the aquaponics system, there is a symbiosis between the plants in the grow bed and the fishes in the aquarium or tank. There is no need for constant replacement of water for the fish and there is no need for soil in planting as well.

Safety Tips for Storing Oil At Home

“Where is the safest place to position my oil tank”? That’s a question often asked by home owners with oil heating.

The First and Foremost Questions to Ask While Buying Wooden Cutlery Sets

The environment is at risk-there is an overuse of plastic disposable products which may be very useful and helpful to man at the present, but is going to destroy the very earth, we call home. Plastics are used every day in every sphere of life. Carry bags, toys, crockery, bottles, name it and it is available in plastic. When it was first discovered, man thought he was very smart, but now he has begun to realize what a nuisance it has become. So now in order to preserve what we have left, we are trying to do all we can to avoid plastics. Governments are trying to ban the use of certain plastics which take forever to degenerate. So substitutes are trying to be introduced, and one among the many items discovered, are eco-friendly dinnerware.

Five Items To Avoid In The Home For Green Living

Common, everyday items can be dangerous to our health. Find out what things to avoid and what can be used as a substitute for these synthetic, man-made dangers.

Guide to a Greener Home

A green home spends less on energy and has a small carbon footprint for the good of the environment. To know more on how you can achieve a greener home, check out this guide and some tips on how you can take small to big steps to transform your home and lifestyle.

Solar As a Home Improvement Investment

I really can’t think of any home improvement investment more cost-effective than a solar electric system. Not only that, by installing a solar system in your house, you are contributing and investing towards a more sustainable society, right there in front of all of your neighbors.

Where to Start Saving Money and the World

Steps to dramatically save money and the world without leaving the house. There are three main ideas that are very powerful.

Vital Factors That Must Be Considered in Preparing a Aquaponics Tank

One of the most important aquaponics supply is the tank. Though others will just simply grab an old bucket and turn it into a tank, it must be done carefully. There are factors that would contribute on what kind of aquaponics tank one should get. Read on.

Solar Water Fountain Facts

Solar water fountains will provide a beautiful addition to any landscaping and are a great way to create a focal point in your garden. Water fountains may even be able to improve your mood and help you relax. The soothing sight and sound of flowing water will provide a relaxing atmosphere for your home or business.

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