HUGE!! New Powerful LFP Battery Ready for Production!!

Should We Harvest a Natural Resource – Wind Power?

In today’s economy, with the planet’s increasing uptake of electricity and natural resources, the possibility of an inexpensive, renewable and certain energy source is seen by consumers as a breath of fresh air. That’s where wind energy comes in. Nearly all countries around the globe have finally come to terms with the fact that changes in power usage customs will have to be made in the future if…

Earth Friendly Rugs

Rugs are a great way to add personality and color to a room without requiring installation or the permanence of carpet. They can be called an extraordinaire accent tools to combat drab decors. However you may like to consider few things when trying to choose an area rug, so that it is less harmful to the world we live in.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Build a Solar Cell Panel

You can design and build your own solar panels. It is fun and easy, you just need to learn to solder. You can build a 12 volt 9 watt panel for $18.60 or a 12 volt 90 watt panel for $373.50. The technique is the same, soldering.

Organic Cleaning Products – The Smart Choice to a Better Living

There is more to household cleaning than just to settle with those cleaning agents which are loaded with chemicals. You may think that you are saving your family from harm because you always see to it that you keep your house impeccably clean.

Put Less Strain on Dwindling Natural Resources and Your Pockets by Using Solar Power For Your Home!

Using alternative fuel sources has always been a primary concern of man since the limited nature of the planets conventional fuel resources has been discovered. One of these alternative and nature-friendly ways is Solar Power. It is also involves a massive saving.

Carbon Footprint? That’s What the Coal Man Leaves!

Whats a carbon footprint? I always thought that was what the coal delivery man left behind on my driveway.

The Reality Behind Home Energy Consumption

“Expensive” is just one of the words that people today use to describe electricity bills. It seems that every day, the cost of electricity keeps getting higher and higher. Because of this, home energy consumption needs to be a top priority for any household, especially these days with times as tough as they are.

Go Green With Off Grid Living

Heard about Off Grid Living, but not quite sure what that means? Tired of paying too much for your electric bill? Don’t want to be dependent on electricity providers? Want to help preserve the environment? If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions, then you should definitely learn more about Off Grid Living.

Take a Look at the Financial and Ecological Benefits of LED Floodlights

LED lighting is the sensible choice when comes to garden lighting and, just to give some substance to that claim, below are some comparisons between LED floodlights and traditional floodlights. First, we’ll take a look at some financial comparisons: To run a traditional 150 watt flood light for a year uses 383.5 kilowatt hours.

Green Living Design That You Can Adopt

Interior Design is the single best experience in my life that has allowed me to experience fantastic creative energy each and every day. I must admit, however, that the move towards “Green Living Design” sometimes has me pulling my hair out.

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