How to Save the Bees With Mushroom Extracts

Make Your Home Greener To Save Yourself Some Green

Making more environmentally friendly choices is a good idea for more than one reason. Not only does it conserve valuable resources, it also saves you valuable money. Here are some tips for making your home greener and for lowering your monthly bills.

How To Stop the Spread of Cold and Flu Viruses at Home Naturally

Learn how easy it can be to fight the spread of cold and flu viruses in the home in safe and natural ways. Follow these green and inexpensive tips to keep your family healthy during this cold and flu season, without exposing them to harsh and toxic chemicals.

Maintenance for Your Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass, also known as Dog’s Tooth Grass, is a very popular choice for grass because it is pretty easy to maintain and care for. Bermuda grass is a perennial grass native to tropical regions; it loves the hot sun.

Green Spoon

Environmental consciousness has become higher in recent years because of so many arising threats to our health and the survival of our own planet. People become vegetarians not only for the sole reason that it is one of the healthiest diet plans but for more.

Why Homeowners and Landlords Should Go Green

The Australian Government has proposed a new Energy Efficient Star rating scheme to be introduced from 2012. The proposed scheme will require that homeowners provide performance information on their energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse emission levels, to prospective buyers and renters.

Solar Energy Kits – The Amount of Support For Solar Energy

In my last post I wrote about the scandal involving the White House’s financial support to Solyndra, a bankrupt solar energy company that makes solar panels used in solar energy kits. The amount of the support was to the tune of $500,000. Not chump-change but less than one percent of the total amount allocated to all of the businesses in the stimulus package.

The Down-Low on Down-Cycling

It’s no secret that products made from recycled materials generally do not hold a perfect 1:1 similarity to the products from which they came. If you look at a piece of office paper made from recycled materials, you may notice that it’s grainier, flimsier, and, when you get right down to it, just not the same. This is largely because of a process called “down-cycling”; many recyclables go through this process, and it is unavoidable.

Fuel, Scrap Metal, and What It Means for You

It’s a collective economic gripe in our nation-something that virtually everybody has a problem budgeting because of its fluctuations in price and usage; something that you will see at least 3 stories about on a week of nightly news-gas prices. The sharp sigh as we watch the meter on the pump run up is becoming a one-note national anthem. Our foreign policy and importation of oil is such an involved issue that the average American has little chance to understand it without devoting large amounts of time to reading news articles dedicated to the subject, so what is there to do? We take the hit and move on. However, we seem to forget that the economy of oil does not exist in a vacuum. No matter what sort of mystical significance we assign to this one commodity, there are always other commodities that will respond to it in a predictable way, and that you can use to your advantage to offset fuel costs in your household. For the brevity of this article, I’ll be talking only about one such avenue: scrap metal prices.

Going Green With Junk Mail

There are simple ways to “go green” that cost you nothing. The tips listed here have the side benefit of keeping your life clutter-free, and could even save you a bit of money: Junk Mail Recycling Practices.

Solar Energy Kits – Recent News

Recently a small scandal broke in the White House in relation to a solar energy industry that makes panels for solar energy kits. President Barack Obama’s support for Solyndra, a solar panel company that went bankrupt this month, has come under serious scrutiny from those that doubt the potential to use the sun as a business and residential energy source.

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