How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!

Malaysia’s Green Building Index Requirement on Solar Reflectance Index For Paving Materials – Part 1

Green construction has become the hottest topic in construction industry today. Almost every research organizations around the globe are working on developing and improving current construction technology and materials in order to obtain the green building status.

Solar Power Energy – Living Green

The Earth will not be able to sustain our bad habits and high volume of waste for much longer. Humans have to start with the realization that their selfish ways will inevitably bring destruction to the planet. While some have started in their fight for a greener planet, others don’t really heed the call with their don’t-carish attitude where the environment is concerned.

Why Look at a Magnetic Power Generator?

The Magnetic Power Generator is one of the less well-known alternative energy options because of the novelty of the technology. Whereas solar panels and wind turbines are now mainstream – partly we suspect because they are obvious – both technologies need to be exposed to the environment to be useful – the magnetic power generator is still in something of a backwater.

Solar Hot Water For Energy Efficiency

If you are looking for a great way to save money and help our environment and a more energy efficient way to produce hot water. You owe it to yourself to at least consider a solar hot water system.

How To Build Your Own Solar Panel – Here Are Some Techniques To Start

Before asking: How to build a solar-panel? A more important question people ask is: Why should I build a solar panel in the first place? Solar-panels offer the brightest prospects of producing clean and green energy at both commercial and residential levels.

Build Your Own Solar Panel by Phillip Hurley

Phillip Hurley is a source that you can use to build your own solar panel from. Phillip Hurley was the pioneer of doing his own solar panel at home.

Green Home Remodeling Tips

Things have changed about the way we look at remodeling our homes. Green home remodeling has become the best way to improve the value of your home while reducing the cost of living overall. “Smart houses”, sustainable lifestyles” and “green building” are phrases that are appearing more and more in the housing and construction market. To pick up a few new ideas on green home remodeling, read on…

How To Build Your Own Solar Panel – Thsee 2 Easy Steps Show You How To Do It

You have decided that you want to invest in solar energy in your home. You are very excited about it but at the same time, you would want to go for a trial run before actually making such a huge investment. That cautious nature is to be commended because it means that you are not one to take things lightly.

Build Your Own Solar Panel For Free

The only way that you can get solar panel for free is from special offer of the company or from the government. Otherwise, you can build your own solar panel for cheap but not for free.

Effective Tips to Make a Green Home

With the increase in pollution and higher rate of health issues, an increased stress has been laid on the use of environment-friendly technologies in all aspects of life. Even the construction of homes has laid stress on energy-efficient solutions to build green homes that are beneficial both for human life and the environment. Making a green home has become easy and reasonable in the present scenario.

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