How Tesla Will Dominate The Energy Storage Industry In No Time

Discover How Solar Power For Your Home Or Business Will Aid Earth Preservation

Converting our homes or businesses to solar power, or some other alternative energy source will greatly aid in preserving our fragile earth. This will be done in the following three ways.

How to Reduce Indoor Pollution in Your Home

Inappropriate air quality inside your home could actually put your life as well as the lives of your loved ones in great risk. If you want to guarantee yourself that the air you breathe inside your home is 100% safe and clean, you should find some ways to decrease the amount of air pollution inside your home as soon as possible. This article discusses some of the best ways to reduce indoor air pollution inside your home sweet home.

Go Green With Eco Lunchboxes

Getting ready to go back to school means it’s time to buy supplies such as notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. And although the bell has not yet sounded, this is a great time to teach your kids how to go green and help the environment.

Energy Efficient – Improve Your Home, Save Money and Taxes

December 2010 is the cut-off date for this economic stimulus package that enables home and condo owners to claim rebates for a variety of Green projects and replacement products. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes the most advantageous energy – efficient home improvement rebates ever, tripling the total available tax rebates to $1500 or up to 30% of the cost of qualifying green energy improvement projects. So you had better hurry or you will miss out.

How to Create a Natural Fence With Trees and Shrubs

Growing a green fence is not a difficult project for the home landscaper. The first and most important consideration is function, typically home owners are looking for privacy without the expense, permits and labor of building a solid fence. Trees are an great choice as they add value not only to the property but to the environment.

Ways to Green Your Home and Environment

You may think it will take a major investment in your home or drastic changes in your lifestyle to help rescue the planet as well as protect your family’s health and create a safe living environment. Well, here is some good news. There are inexpensive options and sometimes the least expensive changes make the most difference. The mantra is “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. In other words, reduce the amount of consumption, and reuse and recycle materials. And don’t forget that it is also important to conserve your budget as well as the environment. Here are some of the ways to help improve our environment…

Are Bamboo Or Cork Floors Right For Your Home?

Cork floors and bamboo wood flooring are among the most popular eco-friendly floor materials. But do they deliver a cleaner, greener home? And how do they stand up to traditional flooring types? Before undertaking your next remodeling project, make sure to get the facts.

Going Green is Easier Than You Think!

A part of self mastery is willing to be responsible on all levels. In our relationship with ourselves, life, others and especially the planet. A lot of us take for granted the planet we live on and expect her to always be there for us and support us.

Eco-Friendly Checklist – How to Save the Earth One Step at a Time

Saving the planet may possibly seem overwhelming but in reality making some small changes in your life can help help save the planet. Going green is not as difficult as you think it is with this basic checklist!

Discover Three Reasons Why Solar Power Homes Are a Fantastic Idea

Solar power homes are a fantastic idea. Here are three reasons why this is so.

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