How Sodium Ion Batteries Stacks Up Against Li Ion Batteries

Simple Steps for a Green Home

Making your home “green” can be done in several small, seemingly insignificant steps than can add up to a lot. Although most people think of “greening” your environment as having an impact on the quality and sustainability of natural resources, it also improves your health and the health of your family, as well as making you feel like you’ve done your part to protect the earth.

Make Your Own Mini Greenhouse In The Comfort Of Your Home

Many modern houses today have known to be poor and not friendly and ideal enough in terms of healthy plant condition. Somehow there can always have an option to change and modify our houses to a friendly condition for plants to grow in. Soon we realize and know that this would not only advantageous for the plants to grow up but for human occupants as well.

5 Easy Ways to Conserve Energy

In a world that we call home, we should strive hard to help ourselves and our ecosystem flourish and be as green as possible. We need to act green even in the simplest manner and here are 5 easy ways to help you accomplish that. Start small.

On The Cutting Edge Of Eco-Friendly Energy: The Solar Electricity System

Ever since Edison gave us the light bulb, our lives have been illuminated in more way than we could have ever imagined. Behind the power of electricity are the thrills of new discoveries and the dreams of future inventions that seem endless. Utilizing the sun’s power by continuous and reflected light solar electricity systems work very efficiently. Energy from the sun can be used in other ways too. Solar radiation includes an energy spectrum of infrared light waves which are longer and generate heat in dense materials. As we have evolved from primitive energy sources of coal, oil and natural gas our understanding of their use has become evident.

Green Living: 10 Simple Things You Can Do to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint depends largely on using less carbon-producing energy. Living green and saving energy is a goal shared by many, but fewer actually take action to save energy. Often the best way to encourage action is to keep the barrier to taking action low. In that vein, here are 10 easy ways you can reduce your carbon footprint at home. There is literally no reason that almost anyone cannot take these simple, energy-saving steps.

Choosing Green Cleaning

In this fast and modern world of ours people always opt for products and methods that make the domestic life easier than before. But how much do we care for Eco-friendly solutions. Without any hesitation about our environment we always try to go the easy way.

5 Green Holiday Gift Ideas

Time to start shopping for holiday gifts and if you’d like to go green then this list will help you out. Inside the article are 5 green gift ideas that whoever you choose to give to will love and thank you for.

Green Living Lighting Tips: The Lowest-Energy Light Bulb Yet

Lighting accounts for about 15% of the energy usage in a typical home. Therefore, it stands to reason that one of the ways homeowners can save energy is by reducing the amount of electricity consumed by lighting. Better technology for lighting has recently been developed and commercialized in the form of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). The only problem with CFLs is that they contain a small amount of mercury. Now there is a newer kind of light bulb that is starting to find its way onto the shelves of hardware and home warehouse stores. In addition to its extremely low energy draw relative to the amount of light it generates, the big advantage of this new energy-saving light bulb is the fact that it contains no mercury at all.

5 Eco Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s that time to start shopping for gifts. This is a great time to include eco-friendly holiday gifts in your gift giving. This article will give you 5 great gift ideas that’ll make shopping easier.

Benefits of Creating Your Own Electricity With Solar Energy

By going green and using solar or wind power you are ending your dependence on utility companies and their ever-growing increase in costs. Creating your own energy also can annually keep $1,000s of your hard-earned money right where it belongs, with you. Many people think that creating their own solar or wind power is too difficult or expensive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are people safely and cost-effectively building these systems at fractional cost of what it would be to buy them and have them installed by someone else. People are actually starting and building their own quality renewable energy solar panel systems for $200 and less (that’s a fact!).

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