How Nanotechnology Can Help To End Water Scarcity Crisis

Find and Buy Solar Panels

Do you want to buy solar panels? Do you want to get the best prices possible? If you are looking to purchase a solar panel, then you are going to need to know, how to find the best, as well as how to get the best prices possible. In this article, you will soon discover the information you need, to be able to get the best.

I Hate Leaf Blowers!

The importance of a green lifestyle is now fairly widely accepted. In going green, we try to use resources efficiently and create less waste. Many of the actions one can take are fairly clear and straightforward to do: recycle paper plastic, and glass; reduce consumption of water, especially hot water; carpool and drive less to conserve fuel; replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights; adjust your thermostat to minimize the use of air conditioning and heating. In thinking about the steps you will take in implementing greener habits in all aspects of your life, here is one idea that probably goes unnoticed by most people: eliminating leaf blowers.

Recondition Your Batteries and Save

The process of restoring or reconditioning batteries that you considered to be dead is something anyone can do at home. Once you learn how to do it, you realize how simple the processes are. There are a couple ways to do this and it depends on the type of battery you are working on. About 95% of the rechargeable batteries can be restored.

Bathroom-ology – Design a Healthy Green Bathroom

Once considered purely utilitarian, bathrooms are increasingly places for rest, renewal, and self-pampering. Plan your bathroom remodel to achieve both looks and luxury; incorporate “Green” design components to contribute to a healthier setting that is more environmentally friendly and that also carries lower ongoing costs for you.

Five Easy and Cheap Ways to Conserve Water Around Your House

I am very lucky to live in a part of North America where water is inexpensive and plentiful. Not only am I the exception to the rule, it won’t always be that way.

Eco-friendly Fabric Softener Recipe

Everyone loves to have soft, fresh smelling clothes when their laundry is done, but the hazards of most fabric softeners to our environment and our bodies, tend to limit our options. There are some easy ways to accomplish this using products you probably already have at home!

Build Your Own Solar Panels

Want to build your own home solar panel? Make energy by wind power? It’s easy and cheap to make a home solar panel to make solar electricity. A simple task to build a windmill for wind electricity.

Green Home Projects – Redo Your Home With Eco-Friendly Products

Are you contemplating home projects like new floors, wall painting, new appliances, bathroom fixtures, or maybe even a new roof? Then you may wish to consider using “green” home products or “eco-friendly” products and help the environment as well as your pocket. My husband and I have a huge list of home projects that need to be done on our old home. We are going to discuss our projects below and in the articles to follow. Here is what we plan to do in the future…

Save Money With Solar Power – At What Cost?

Is it practical to believe you can save money at home, with solar power? That’s a much tougher question to answer than most people would realize.

Portable Solar Panels – When You Need Solar Power on the Go

Solar panel are device that are build to convert solar light into and electrical energy so that you could use it in your house to power your appliances or other electrical stuff that can be found in your house. Due to the economic crisis today people are beginning to use solar panels as a means to save some money for their electricity bills since it is becoming expensive.

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