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Our Packaging Dilemma

Have you ever been excited and dismayed about something at the same time? Packaging is doing that to me right now. Maybe you have some answers, but they don’t seem to be simple to me.

What Should I Know About Alternative Energy for Your Home?

There are more ways than just the traditional ones to run your home. It only takes a little research to learn about alternative energy for your home.

Lawn Supplies for Lawn Care

Having a lush green lawn requires special maintenance all year around to prolong the life of your turf. No matter what time of year, there is always something that can be done to keep your lawn in a healthy condition. There are four key areas to consider, as well as some highly recommended products that will assist you in living where the grass really is greener.

Items the Environmental Household Should Own

The government, energy firms and private organisations are all urging for greater energy efficiency in the UK. This should start in the home, ranging from electricity, to the car you drive, to recycling equipment and heating systems. This can bring great rewards, people will start finding energy and electricity bills declining monthly, as well as ensuring a healthier environment around them.

One Cheap and Junky Way to Get Clean Energy – DIY Wind Power Generator

Creating a DIY wind power generator using scrap materials is a definitely satisfying and an empowering feeling. Usually the objects and materials needed to make this unit can be bought in your local hardware shops, or even better I highly recommend you scavenge your local junk shops for the needed materials.

What Is Green Electricity?

Approximately two thirds of electricity in the UK is generated by burning coal, gas and fossil fuels in power stations. As a result, the main gas causing climate change, carbon dioxide, is released into the atmosphere in its masses. Green electricity is now the best environmentally friendly energy, generating electricity through means which does not affect the environment, and these are usually from the cleanest energy sources such as renewable energy, which can never run out. That is why businesses, especially, are looking for the best and cheapest renewable energy options and many websites and companies allow customers to compare the best deals they can get on green energy.

Advantages of Geothermal Energy – Mother Earth’s Clean Green Gift

There are a lot of inspiring and significant habits that we can build to make our world a better place to live in. A lot of earth enthusiasts practice different ways to make these all a possibility. One example of an earth-saving technique would be taking advantages of geothermal energy. So basically what is geothermal energy and what is its impact? The etymology of the word geothermal originated from the Greek language, geo meaning Earth and thermos which meant heat.

Let the Sun Shine on Me – Passive Solar Heat

As many people are turning to renewable energy sources to provide their electricity needs, the popularity of various collection methods is increasing. One of the most commonly used renewable resources is that of the sun. Even primitive man understood the advantages of using the sun’s heat to meet his needs, and while primitive man probably wasn’t concerned about heating and cooling his cave, modern man is constantly looking for ways to heat and cool his home without completely using up the earth’s resources and has once again begun relying on the sun to help through the use of passive solar heating.

From Fossil Fuels to a Cleaner Energy – Hydrogen Fueled Car

Mankind is currently exploring alternative methods for utilizing renewable energy sources not only for electricity but also for powering the vehicles we use for traveling around the world. It’s entirely possible these days to convert a gas powered engine to an electric engine using an electric car conversion kit, and sometime in the relatively near future it may also be possible and feasible to utilize some of the hydrogen produced from burning fossil fuels upon which we are so dependent as another means of powering our vehicles.

Living Off the Grid – What a Clever Way of Living

Imagine if you will, it’s a blustery, cold winter afternoon. You’re sitting firmly ensconced in your nice warm living room, sipping a comforting cup of hot chocolate. You are not at all worried about how much your heating bill will be at the end of the month, however, because you do not use electricity from the big power company in your state.

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