How Agrivoltaics Can Become The Next Energy Breakthrough

The Power Of Home Solar Energy

There are a lot of different ways you can use solar power in your home. You’re not limited to a big photovoltaic (PV) solar array, though that is the best way to utilize the sun’s energy. But installing a PV system can seem daunting to many people who are just getting interested home solar energy.

Several Tips on Designing an Energy Efficient Home

A green home design is what almost every homeowner wants nowadays. Because of the skyrocketing energy costs, it would be wise to opt for an energy efficient household, don’t you agree?

Find Recycled Items for Your Bathroom Remodel

So you want to remodel your bathroom, but you want to lessen your impact on the environment. Here are for some tips on where to find recycled materials for your bathroom renovation project.

Building Your Own Solar Panel With Kits

Producing your own electricity can save money and piece of mind. Fossil fuels continue to harm our environment with pollution, now we are able to do something about this ever growing problem.

Going Green and Saving Money: 5 Ways To Go Green And Save

Going green often means paying a premium these days. More than any other reason, the higher cost of green products and services is an obstacle to greater numbers of people adopting greener habits. But living a greener lifestyle does not need to be more expensive. In fact, there are a number of steps you can take that will allow you to save money as you go green. Here are five ideas that are easy to implement.

Three Ways to Conserve Water in Your Garden and Cut Your Water Bill

Green living has risen in the consciousness of most people, even if many are still not very diligent in taking action. A central part of a greener lifestyle is conserving water. Fresh water is a resource that is in short supply in most major metropolitan areas. The cost of water is also on the increase. So, what can the average homeowner do to conserve water outside the home? Here are three simple, commonsense ideas.

Home Solar Electric Project – Tips and Methods to a Successful Project

I have received two bids on installing solar electric at this country home build in the 1940′s. The best proposal is for a 2000kW ground mount array. The open field next to the house provides plenty of room to set the system.

Mulching – A Water Saving Step For Your Garden

Mulching is the ideal companion to composting in creating the best home garden. In addition to providing a nutrient-rich supplement to compost for your vegetable garden, flowering plants, and shrubs, mulch also help to retain much-needed moisture in the soil around the plants. This simple step will allow you to reduce the amount of water required for your yard and garden, representing a further step toward implementing a greener lifestyle around the home. Mulching also helps to control the growth of weeds, adding a further benefit to your gardening efforts.

Selecting Eco Friendly Rugs To Provide Beauty To Your Home

Rugs are important in accentuating your home as it gives important highlight to your home’s beauty. All interior designers in the whole world would agree with me that rugs play an essential part in decorating one’s home. Rugs are not just one of the things that cushion your feet and keep them warm during the harsh winter season. Rugs are miniature pieces of artwork which are produces to add decorative and practical aspect to your home.

Energy4earth – The Sure Way to Cut Down Your Power Bills

However, what is really the energy4earth all about. The energy4earth is a company that deals on solar panels and wind turbines in which sunlight energy and water are used to power panels and turbines and being able to identify positive and negative wires when connected, you can enjoy light the way you want it.

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