How 3D Printing Prosthetics Can Help Save Endangered Species

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Get a Little Greener

Celebrity homes are not known for their frugality. It may seem a cliched, but the homes of the rich and famous are generally known for their opulence, and often wastefulness. Case in point: 18-year-old pop star Miley Cyrus’ $3.9 million 5,200 square foot five-bedroom, seven-bathroom home.

Homemade Energy – Are There Solutions That Could Help Alleviate Global Warming?

The life we live now directly affects the lives of the Earth’s future, even simple decisions in our everyday life has an impact. We could all make a difference and help save Mother Earth in many ways. It’s up to us to decide the things we want to do.

Go Green With Recycling Bins

As true children of this beautiful earth, we all must look to keep her as clean as possible. In this endeavor it is important to consider recycling of wastes and bins. Find out how some innovative ideas with recycling bins can make a difference to your homes and the environment.

Essential Tips to Finding and Buying Organic Cotton Bedding

Are you looking to find bedding sheets? Wondering about the environmentally conscious option of organic cotton bedding? What are the benefits of natural bedding sheets, and why should you buy untreated bedding?

Go Green in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a place where, surprisingly, you can go very green and make a big environmental impact. Here are some easy-to-implement ways to do just that.

How To Clean Your Home Naturally – And Cheap!

Nowadays, there are chemicals in just about everything. And those chemicals can be quite damaging, to our environment AND to our health. Natural ingredients for cleaning your home are especially important if you have pets or children.

Eco-Friendly And Chemical-Free Cleaners

Harsh cleansers and rough fabrics are in high contrast to the gentleness of baby’s skin. Parents seek out only the softest fabrics for their baby needs and bamboo offers a smooth, non-irritating fabric for a sensitive baby’s skin. Organic baby blankets and organic baby clothes also provide a non-toxic selection for parents concerned about the amount of chemicals introduced into their children’s modern lives.

Mini Solar Systems, Portable Solar Power Wherever You Go

Solar energy is one of the answers for future power needs. Solar energy of the sun can be converted in the useful energy directly or indirectly. It can be directly converted in electricity or by using concentrated power in the different ways. The concentrated solar power plants can produce electricity by converting the solar power of the sun into high intensity heat using various types of mirrors for concentrating the sun rays.

Backyard Composting: Creating Rich Fertilizer From Free Ingredients

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of composting organic waste at home. Some fear that the smell or appearance of their compost pile or bin will create health hazards or social difficulties. Others believe that the process is complex or requires expensive or elaborate equipment.

Tips on Building a Passive Solar Home

When you build a passive solar home, you get the benefit of free solar heat and low set-up cost. In many ways, a home that maximizes natural light is a warm home to live in. Here are a few tips on building a passive solar home.

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