Heat Domes and Climate Change

Kitchen Composter – Kitchen Composting Made Simple

There is always something that can be done to help make the earth a healthier place to live. Anyone who has a kitchen can easily make a composter and start composting. There is nothing fancy that is required to get started today, just a container with a secure lid. Certainly, there are many different types of commercial composting products available on the market, but in the interest of making the decision to start this easy, earth friendly project today grab whatever you have available to make your own kitchen composter.

Turn Down the Heat and Turn the Bills Down Too

These days, with both money and natural resources in short supply, it makes sense to take the time to boost your home’s energy efficiency by using heating resources wisely. Here are a few things you can do right now to save energy at home, cut your power bills, and help to save the planet at the same time.

Low Maintenance Income With Photovoltaic Panels

Within the current economical climate many have battened down the hatches and put their money under the floorboards, nonetheless solar panels represent a optimistic investment. A tax free gain of approximately 6 to 9% is available. The solar energy ideal has been embraced with renewed enthusiasm in the UK post introduction of the feed in tariff scheme within 2010.

Phantom Loads and Your Electric Bill

Phantom loads refer to the electric power consumed by devices and appliances while they are not being used. Power is consumed by standby circuitry that minimizes wait time when the device is turned on or through manufacturer provided conveniences such as clocks.

Best Ways To Go Green – Become a Greenager

Do you remember the excitment you felt as a teenager? The rush you got when you had passion for a subject? What if you felt that way about going green? Reinvent yourself become a “Greenager.” Unfortunately I didn’t coin that term. Sure wish I did! But this is my definition of a Greenager. A person who has passion for sustainable living, someone who can lead by example.

Growing Changed My Life

Yes its true gardening can change your life in many ways. Weather it is just the joy and calmness that come with having your own garden, or the reliability of being able to provide yourself and family with food, or even growing a crop for cash. There are seemingly limitless plants and ways to grow.

Solar Lights for Outdoor Application

Solar lights are gaining importance on two accounts; firstly they are environmental friendly and second they bring major relief in your electricity bill. Solar lights are being used in many outdoor applications as well. Many of you would be thinking that we have plenty of solar light outside so how can solar lighting help us in brightening up the outdoor area?

Solar Lights for Indoor Use

More and more people are opting for solar lighting not only because they are more environmental friendly but also because they are more economical than the traditional light bulbs. Solar lights are gaining importance both among business owners and home owners alike. Both these end segments are opting for these non traditional means of lighting to meet part of their energy requirements.

Eco Friendly Homes

A new wave of home building is building homes that are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. These types of houses take every step possible to make sure that the house itself saves the residents money on their monthly bills, and that the house has the smallest carbon footprint on the environment. More and more builders are starting to catch onto the trend with good reason.

Green Home Communities

The first question that might come to mind is what exactly a green home community is. Well, first off, it will mean the entire neighborhood has the environment in mind during construction. Another aspect is that each home is built to be highly efficient, less impactful on the environment, and built to a very high standard. There are also many factors dealing with the people that live in the community, but this usually ties in with the HOA services.

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