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Say ‘No’ to the Rising Energy Consumption Bills

In the modern day times, affording the basic necessities or utilities of daily life are becoming a big challenge. However, with the help of some particular websites, one can certainly cut down on his expenditure and get the maximum benefits.

Green Living Homes That You Create

In today’s marketplace, Green Living Homes have taken on a different connotation and seem to inspire different emotions as well. In these economic times, it seems that you can’t do Green Living Homes without some sort of a major overhaul of your home, or so it seems. When a new administration enters the White House, somebody or some group seems to think they may have a voice. In America, the Green lovers are of the mindset that the next President will be so for them.

Tap Into a Natural Resource – Rainwater Harvesting is Easy and the Water is Free

In the wet winter months its easy to forget that come the summer we are faced with huge water shortages across the country and the demand for water is growing by 1% every year. With this in mind one simple and ancient method of improving the situation is rainwater harvesting and the guttering chosen for this is very important. Copper gutters and down pipes can form an integral part of the rainwater harvesting strategy.

Homemade Wind Generator – Reduce Your Energy Consumption Today

How can we start reducing energy consumption? There are many projects that can be completed by you! Yes, you! Projects that are easily completed in a small amount of time, will help you to save energy and money!

Easy Baking Soda Uses – Green Living Anyone Can Do

“Going Green” doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with little steps, like using baking soda when you clean.

Carbon Footprint – Eco Friendly Home Can Be Yours

The next few years are going to be tough for a lot of the people in the modern western world and we are going have to take the lead in the way we use energy more efficiently. At present we are burning up are fossil fuel reserves like there is no tomorrow and we should be planning to a better way of life for us and our children. Renewable energy is the key to our survival and although a lot of people believe in the new safer nuclear reactors the upshot is they put off a problem …

Earth-Friendly, Economical, and Unique Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor solar lighting is as varied as your personality. Find the lighting that suits your mood.

How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Your ‘carbon footprint’ is the amount of greenhouse gas we use on a day to day basis. This amount is converted into a CO2 equivalent in tonnes or kg. It might seem strange to say that we use greenhouse gases – after all, we don’t use them directly (unless you turn on your gas stove) – but each of our activities from turning on a light to buying a new television uses natural resources somewhere down the production line.

Save Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We have all heard the term “carbon footprint” but what does it mean and how can you reduce yours? Wikipedia defines carbon foot print as “the carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide attributable to the actions of an individual (which includes emissions through their energy use, but other unforeseen emissions as well) over a period of one year. This definition underlies the personal carbon calculators.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances – Make Your Kitchen More Earth Friendly

energy star appliances saved consumers fourteen billion dollars on utility bills. Energy guide labels are required on all appliances. So, take advantage of the information, and compare several brands and models.

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