Goodbye Graphene?! Introducing Borophene, The New Wonder Material!

Green Organizing – An Earth-Friendly Approach

Are you an avid recycler? Do you want to take on organizing projects, but don’t know what to do with the excess? Would you like to find an earth-friendly way to organize your home? We are all familiar with the three R’s when it comes to our planet. So let’s emphasize the principles of “reduce-reuse-recycle”and try a more responsible approach to organizing.

Retrofit Specialists – Reducing Energy Consumption For Building Owners

Because energy efficient construction is the construction of the future, it is often represented in web and print media with photographs of newly constructed green buildings. However, companies that provide energy efficient construction do a sizable amount of their business by retrofitting already existing buildings with energy efficient solutions.

Living Green – Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean Your House

Many people recognize the dangers of using toxic chemicals to clean their house. Here are some natural alternatives to keep your house clean and your family safe.

Wind Turbine Design – Puts Money in Your Pocket While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

We all know that the world is suffering an energy crisis, demand is simply starting to out strip supply. So how do you generate a cheaper energy supply? Wind turbines. Not only will this be putting money back in your pocket but you will be reducing your carbon footprint thereby helping to reduce Global Warming.

Improving Your Home and Energy Consumption With Solar Energy

Each effort to utilize every type of renewable resources will always be a smart move to any homeowner, and an example of this is by use of the sun’s power. Solar energy is today’s future.

Benchmark Your Home’s Energy Consumption by Hiring an Energy Auditor

If you’re interested in cutting your home’s energy use (not to mention your monthly bills), you have to know where your energy is going in the first place, and much of it might be out the window (or through the door, roof or basement). An energy auditor can help you pinpoint your home’s worst insulated areas, discover air leaks and help determine your furnace’s efficiency rating so that you can figure out the best places to spend your money to make the biggest difference to your home’s overall use of energy.

Eco-Friendly Patio Furniture Covers – Good For the Earth and Your Outdoor Furniture

Now that you’ve purchased your patio furniture, you will want to protect it. When choosing outdoor furniture covers, you may want to consider eco-friendly items made of recycled materials.

Why Green Living is a Part of Life Now

Energy saving, recycling and other examples of the green lifestyle are now normal parts of our world. How can you help the environment yourself?

Living Off the Grid – 3 Steps to Green Living

When it comes to living off grid, one way many seek to accomplish it is with solar power. Today I’m going to cover just how easy it is to go off grid by choosing to build your own solar panel system.

Eight Ways to Minimize Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

You can contribute to keeping the environment by simply being aware of ways to lessen or minimize the carbon footprint of your home. This will not only help nature but you will find out that this can also lessen your monthly expenses considerably.

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