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Green Interiors – Make Your Old Home Green

A lot has been said about sustainable lifestyle and green homes. The beauty of this concept is that it can be applied to any space. While the scope for incorporating green interiors is higher in structures that are under construction, there is a lot that you can do to convert your existing home into a green space.

Want to Try Solar Power? Now Is the Time

Now is the time to try solar power. If you’ve got the money and the desire to go green, now is the time to start thinking about making solar energy improvements.

How Green Is Your Lawn Mower?

Before Edwin Budding came up with the lawn mower in the early 1800’s, men would cut acres of grass using large blades similar to what the Grim Reaper uses. Fast forward to the future, these turf-trimming metal marvels have come a long way from the manually pushed, foot-eating chore/punishment that they used to be. With the multitude of styles, technology and innovations available, they are currently built to meet most backyard needs. Yet are these lawn mowers built to meet the earth’s needs?

Yard Maintenance and Natural Lawn Care

Yard maintenance is certainly a hot topic during those summer months. You have many options at your disposal when hiring a lawn care service provider. They can do something as simple as weekly grass cuttings, to more involved services such as fertilization, rolling, and aeration, to specialist functions like pH balancing for your lawn, weed control application and even nematode applications to control European Chafer beetles and white grubs.

MIL-PRF-680 Versus P-D-680: Frequently Asked Questions

P-D-680 is an industrial degreasing solvent that has often been canceled due to EPA regulations. Most companies have replaced P-D-680 with MIL-PRF-680 – a degreaser that is similar to P-D-680, but is formulated to be safer for humans and the environment. If you have questions about the two solvents, the answers below should help.

Industrial Degreasing Solvents: How to Avoid EPA Penalties

  When companies shop for industrial degreasing solvents, they look for degreasers that have the necessary cleaning power, but they should also search for solutions that are environmentally safe. Over the past four decades, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has increased the regulation of the use of harmful chemicals. EPA regulations primarily affect companies that use a high volume of chemicals.

Degreasers 101: What to Look for in an Industrial Degreaser

  Historically, industrial degreasers are toxic solvents that harm the environment and damage people’s health. Today, many dangerous degreasing agents still exist, but they are counter balanced by degreasing agents that are relatively harmless to people and the environment. If your company is still using a traditional degreaser, switching to a non-toxic product will produce several benefits, particularly:

Reasons to Use Ecofriendly Industrial Degreasers

Emission caps from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPS) have given industrial solvent makers a new segment of customers: companies who must use ecofriendly degreasers or be fined for violating emission caps. If your company uses a parts cleaner solvent or a general degreaser that contains toxic chemicals, the EPA will regulate the chemicals, if it has not already.

Is PV Solar Power a Viable Option for You, the Homeowner?

When deciding where solar panels are right for you and your area there are many considerations to take into account. Solar panels can be an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and even eliminate your electric bills. With government incentives available there are many options to further reduce the initial cost of installing Solar panels and PV systems.

Tips For Nurturing Plants With Structured Water – The Life Force On A Cellular Level

I’ll never be as funny as Christopher Walken was in the SNL skit “Gardening Tips From The Man Who is Afraid Of Plants”, Nevertheless I love Gardening just the same. Here is my gardening article of the week.

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