Flywheels!! Why Mechanical Batteries Can Still Be A Great Energy Alternative

How to Make Solar Energy Panels – A Cool DIY Project!

You are doing everything you can to save on energy bills, yet you may be questioning why the bills keep rising… The answer may be that you need to seriously examine how to make solar energy panels, and here are a few tips that just might help…

DIY Wind Turbine – An Inexpensive Alternative Energy Solution

When you think of the windmills, you may be reminded of postcard pictures of Holland, but the modern DIY wind turbine construction is a very different proposition. Those bulky structures are history and the windmill is replaced with modern technology that generates efficient electricity for the home and small cities. Don’t be fooled, the DIY Wind Turbine is a project any dedicated DIY enthusiast can take on.

Live Off the Grid – Financial Benefits of Using Alternative Energy

Many are aware of the negative effects that conventional power sources are having on the environment, and their wallets. If you are interested in saving money on utility bills you may want to consider the option to live off the grid using solar and wind power.

Green Energy Questions – Is it a Good Idea to Install Solar Panels and a Wind Turbine Generator?

Many people are considering switching their homes from a conventional electrical systems to an alternative or “green” energy system. The two main types of systems people are considering are: A) the solar panel array and B) the wind turbine generator.

Make Your Own Solar Panel to Save Money

Make your own solar panel? Yes you can! Whether you’re on Canada’s Worst Handyman or not, you can make your own solar panel. Although some of those participants don’t read directions and if you’re one of ‘them’ then I guess you can’t, BUT if you can follow directions, then you can!

Green Gardening

One of the greatest benefits of retirement is finally being to enjoy the hobbies that you have always dreamed about doing but never had the time. A favorite hobby for many retirees is organic gardening. You don’t have to be a professional botanist to start your own green garden; you just have to be a little patient, attentive and willing to get a little dirty.

Glass Greenhouse For Maximum Environment Control

Glass greenhouse as the name indicates is a greenhouse design made in glass to provide better growing ambiance to all kinds of plants. Though with the passing of time today you get greenhouse designs in different metals, yet the traditionally the glass greenhouse has always been the preferred option.

Why Buy Green? The Importance of Buying Green

Going green is becoming one of the latest trends that everyone likes to follow, however it is always important to remember the importance and the benefits of buying green products. The easiest reason for people to go green is that it helps the environment. The environment is such a broad concept though, that we often forget the individual benefits to buying green.

How to Make Composting Simple As Dirt – Pt 2

While maintaining a compost pile isn’t the most difficult thing, there is definitely an art to it. Using these tips, you can maximize the efficiency of your pile and ultimately create more compost.

Reducing Your Water Bills With a Water Meter

Water is must for us and we can’t survive without it, however the growing population has made it difficult for the authorities to supply adequate water for all. In this scenario, as users we should take some concrete steps to reduce the consumption of water as much as possible. Saving water helps not only in reducing bills but it also conserves the environment.

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