Elon Musk Officially Revealed The First Tesla Home

Staying Green Despite Autumn’s Many Colors

Autumn brings many colors, so how can you stay green this season? Read to find out more.

Free Magnetic Energy = No More Electricity Bills?

There are DIY plans available on the internet that enable you to create your own free magnetic energy by building a machine from items that you might have in your shed! How about a project to build one of these?

Lighting: Counting Your Green

With comparable lighting choices, how can you not look at CFLs as a lighting choice in your home? The cost savings alone is worth changing the lights in your home. However, the added benefit of helping to green the earth just makes it worth doing all the more.

How to Make Your Own Compost

Compost is known as black gold for the garden, the rich organic mix of decayed plant material that is rich with nutrients and minerals plants need to thrive and produce enormous yields of fruit and vegetables. With the economy being what it is, compost is often a little more expensive then we want to spend. There is a solution at hand and it does not cost a great deal of money.

Green Interior Design for Luxury Homes

Green interior design can be luxurious and beautiful, and reflect your personality no matter what your taste. It doesn’t necessarily cost more than other choices at the custom home level, so your decision to be eco-friendly is more about doing the right thing than making sacrifices. Working with an experienced interior designer who also had training and skills in creating green interiors is the best way to get started.

Solar Tubes Can Help Your Home Go Green! Solar Tubes Save You Money!

Now more than ever, energy conservation is imperative to our society. Installing a solar tube in your home is an inexpensive, energy-efficient, very green way that you can being transforming your home into a green home. Solar tubes installed in your home or office have the potential to allow up to five times more light into a room than a wall window of the same size.

What Are Green Energy Sources?

Homeowners today are looking for ways to eliminate their dependence on fossil fuels by turning to alternative sources of energy which are green in nature. The three major resources in the world would be the sun, wind and water all having the benefit of not producing any considerable amount of pollution if any at all. The sun is the most popular of renewable energy, due to the fact that the suns energy can be harnessed in many ways and available any place in the world.

Solar Power Facts And Benefits You Should Understand

Solar power can be used to generate electricity or to heat your home with the use of solar panels. It can also be used to pump water with solar powered pumps or even to power certain vehicles. By starting small and seeing the benefits of solar power, you will eventually begin to understand how having a solar powered home can benefit everyone but most especially you and the earth.

5 Reasons To Convert To Solar

Do you want to know why it is good to use solar energy? Here are 5 reasons that you must know about.

Get Real: Wind Powered Generators – Can They Be Effective?

It is a given fact that we literally can’t live without electricity. Without ever thinking about it we use it daily and probably take it for granted. Even the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning or the re-charger for your cell phone, all these things requires electricity.

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