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Solar Power: Money Saver and Environment Saver

The advances in technology have been our helping hand in dealing with life for the better. It has been our main recourse to survive the ever changing world. And this resulted to the widespread use of fossil fuels and as it resulted to some negative effects on our environment.

RV Solar Panels: Bringing the Power of Nature to Your Own RV

Having an RV solar panel can greatly enhance your camping experience, while at the same time possibly saving your life. Save on fuel today and install your own solar panels to ensure you have the best camping trip possible.

Eight Big California Water Myths

California is unfortunately a state that is plagued by water supply problems. However, many people do not know the true reasons behind each California water crisis. There are many myths that are propagated and used to take attention away from the true water conservation problems.

Why Is Using Sustainable Construction Materials Important?

With building, maintaining and occupying homes accounting for almost 50 per cent of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions, sustainable construction and the use of sustainable construction materials both have important roles to play in the war on energy waste and environmentally unfriendly living. In fact there are a whole host of reasons why using sustainable construction materials make sense. More than just the direct environmental benefits such as the ability to cut down on avoidable heat loss or the impact on the environment in the production and transport of certain types of traditional and environmentally unfriendly construction materials, there are…

Water Shortages

Water is life. Of all the resources in the world, H2O is the most necessary, and the most often taken for granted. One can live for up to 30 days without food, but humans will perish in three days without H2O.

The Science of Clean

Kids learn by example. When their teachers emphasize the importance of preserving the world around them, they’ll be inspired to teach their parents to do the same.

Paper Vs Electronic Billing

Reader Mike sent me a private message asking if I had any rationale to help him overcome his reticence in utilizing electronic billing, giving up his beloved paper bills that are mailed through the post office. He likes the concept of e-billing, but has strong reservations he wants to overcome. He’s wondering what kinds of billing solutions my readers use, without getting environmental rhetoric. I have some ideas for myself, but others may have more and better ideas.

Paper or Plastic?

My own, thank you. I bought my first reusable grocery bags in the 1983. I still have them, and use them too. They are rainbow colored string bags — rainbow in that one’s hot pink, another is teal, and another purple. I also have natural colored ones. Add to that starting collection various canvas and recycled woven plastic and I have an most impressive shopping collection of bags.

Hidden Electric Consumption

You may have gathered my tendency to be energy conserving in my daily life. It’s almost a game with me to see how little energy I can consume without going “cavewoman”. Each time I find a new energy saving measure to adopt I glow with excitement!

Push Reel Lawn Mowers: Saving the Environment and Money

Push reel manual powered lawn mowers may seem like an anachronism from a past century, but modern technology has perfected this once old fashioned method of cutting grass. Today it is both effective, cost efficient, and a green alternative for responsible living.

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