Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change?

Green Living Tips – What Can You Do?

I remember the first time I was questioned by a friend about my recycling efforts. I was embarrassed. I did not know what to say. Since then, Green Living has been a learning experience.

Affordable Solar Panels

I came from the Midwest. I lived there for 18 years. I can remember summers that were hot and muggy and the bugs would eat you alive.

Learn How to Build Your Own Solar Power System Today

There exists virtually no more effective generator of energy than that of the energy of the sun’s rays. Despite the fact that the human being species has come quite a considerable ways in terms of scientific enhancements recently, our advanced contemporary culture still hasn’t really determined how to control the majority of of that strong solar power for our personal utilization. Instead, we still be dependent to a great extent on harmful fossil fuels in addition to nuclear energy regarding customer consumption.

Advanced Compost Bins Process Organic Garbage Without the Risks

New compost bins are known to help people perform composting without having to deal with creatures like insects, bugs and worms. This helps teach people, especially young children, the value of proper organic waste disposal and environmental awareness.

Green Solar DIY Guide

The bills keep going up and up and I don’t see them coming down any time soon. In my area they are talking about a 47% increase in just 18 months. That is going to hurt a lot of people.

5 Steps to Home Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are suppose to be “maintenance free” renewable energy. There are no moving parts to lubricate or wear out, and for the most part they just sit there. However, over time, solar panels will lose efficiency to convert solar light into clean electrical energy for your home. Dust, dirt, algae, mold, leaves, debris and others things can all affect the amount of sun that reaches your solar cells.

Eye Opening Information on US National Solar Power

This is almost embarrassing to say out loud…the United States, a great proponent of finding and using renewable energy sources, shows statistically as getting less than 1% of the energy needs met through the use of solar power. While the United States actually has good solar potential, or radiation, throughout the majority of its geographic area, coal, gas and oil have been considered more cost-efficient and reliable in the past, and therefore more widely used. What hasn’t been taken into account in the past is their cost in terms of environmental pollution and expenditure of non-renewable resources at an alarming rate.

Compost Bin Use – Growing Developments For a Brighter Tomorrow

Compost bin units have been used in order to cut back solid organic household waste. They have been effective in reducing waste, and advances in technology have crafted top compost tumbler units for the home.

Clotheslines – Why They Are a Must in the Modern Eco-Friendly Home

Clotheslines are the answer to a greener and more inexpensive way to wash your clothes. Not only are they available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types, but they are eco-friendly and will help you save a ton of money on energy costs.

The Advantages of Solar Shingles and Solar Panels

Solar energy with photovoltaic technologies is a new popular source of energy that bring renewable energy to your home. Currently, there are two famous types of photovoltaic technologies that supply the solar energy by the same way. It is solar shingles and solar panels. Before you make a decision to have it, there are a few things to consider when choosing between them. Each of them have their own advantages and is better suited to a certain type of structure.

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