DIY 12v LTO (Lithium Titanate) Battery

Easy Ways to Go Green

Are you uncomfortable when the subject of eco awareness is brought up in conversation? Is it a topic you’d like to talk about at home? If only you had concrete ideas to help the family put in place?

What Does Going Green Mean?

Do you hear the phrase “going green” in conversation and you’re not really sure what it means? Does it mean wearing green clothes, eating only lettuce or being involved with all things green?

The Magniwork Generator – A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Clean, Green Power Generation

The Magniwork product is a revolution in the manufacture of free, clean electrical power. There are more than 40,000 working systems throughout the world and that multitude is maintaining growth on a daily basis. How come therefore, has no one in fact been aware of this amazing gadget?

How to Make a Home Much More Energy Efficient

Do It Solar One of the best sources of alternate energy; solar power generation has been adopted by many countries. Not only does it save the environment from the harmful carbon emissions; it also prevents the fossil fuel exhaustion. Using of solar power helps you save a lot of money on electricity bills. Buying solar panels and using them for generating solar power can prove to be quite costly. You can solve this problem by creating “do it yourself” solar power.

Old Rugs Usage

More and more people are being enlightened about protecting and preserving nature. Reusing, reducing and recycling had been the battle cry for those individuals committed in helping the environment even in simplest ways. Since rugs are home essentials, I am pretty quiet sure that a lot of old and used rugs ends in the garbage and landfills.

Installing Solar Panels on Your House

Installing solar panels on your house is one of the best ways to make your home more efficient and save you money. Investing in solar power is one of the most popular, clean energy options available today.  The power created from harvesting the energy of the sun is much less expensive then the energy purchased from your local energy supplier.

The History of Renewable Energy Sources

It’s Exceedingly Tough to determine the first instance that someone realized how to harness the energy of a renewable energy source. What We do Recognize is that it is not a Modern Concept and We have a lot of options for turning to a green Energy Solution.

What Shade of Green Are You?

As a “green” design expert I am often asked “How can I make my home more eco friendly”? My answer is typically another question, “What shade of green do you want to be”? You see it is possible to be anything from light seafoam to deep kelly green.

The Eureka Enviro Floor Steamer Leaves the Competition in the Dust

The Eureka Enviro Steamer 313a is considered as the best hard surface floor mop on today’s market. In this article we discuss some of the key features such as eliminating chemicals by using the 313a’s patented steam technology. The 313a’s other speciality is cleaning through tough dirt and grim, but it’s also does wonders killing germs; great for those who have little ones playing on the floor.

What Are Nature’s Ultimate Recyclers?

Chickens have been called nature’s ultimate recyclers, and for good reason. They will eat relatively inexpensive chicken feed and kitchen scraps, and then turn those into eggs. Their manure makes good fertilizer and their insect-eating tendencies help with pest control. If you want to employ nature’s recyclers in your eco-friendly home, keep the following things in mind.

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