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How Does a Solar Power System Add Value to Your Home?

Australians are more and more aware about the environmental benefits of having solar power systems creating energy in their homes, and using solar power to heat their hot water. Solar power uses far less electricity and the environmental costs of manufacturing a solar PV system are offset after only 1 – 2 years post-installation – ensuring that solar is a long term environmentally friendly solution. How does solar add value?

Why Invest in Solar Power Now?

With the federal election and sustainability being a hot topic, the states competing with each other to become the best state for sustainability, and the media coverage about proposed electricity price increases – it feels like everyone’s talking about solar power. But is it all hype, or is the proposed investment into solar power by normal people like us a solid investment? We’ve questioned whether investing in solar power now is a good idea and have come up with a solid case for immediate action and beginning your investment now. Here are our reasons.

DIY Solar Power – Your Options

Hats off to you for considering DIY Solar Power to run your home. Here are your options for generating your own power.

How Garden Rooms Have Developed

Flexible and versatile in use, the old barn or garden shed has really come of age and been given a complete make-over and new title as a studio, lodge or garden office. Suitable for use every day of the year, whatever the weather, these new rooms perform with thermal efficiency outclassing their ancestral roots.

Tankless Hot Water Heater – Why Are Gas Better?

Nowadays tankless hot water heaters are the most popular heater in the world. It is because they have so many benefits compared to their counterpart the tank heaters. There are many types of energy sources for tankless heaters and the electric still remains the most popular.

A 5 Gallon Water Dispenser Can Help Reduce Plastic Waste in Our Landfills

Have you thought about the environmental impact of all of the plastic water bottles we use? A 5 gallon water dispenser is an affordable way reduce plastic waste.

A New Perspective On Soy Candles

Learn about the health and eco benefits of soy candles. Also an insight on a greener planet.

Gardening in September – What Do You Have to Remember About?

Every month brings different things to do in the garden, we have many duties in example in Summer. Although September is not very demanding we have still some things to do.

How to Go Green While Saving Green

Want to be green but don’t have the money to purchase expensive appliances or a hybrid vehicle? Learn how to be environmentally conscious while saving money!

The Therapeutic Effects of Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees are known for its therapeutic effects. This type of plant is also very much suitable for gardens and small areas because it is typically smaller than the usual size of a tree. Magnolia trees became very popular because of its beautiful flowers.

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