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Green Living Tip: How to Collect Rainwater and Save Money

Green living makeovers must include steps to conserve fresh water. Water is a natural resource that is becoming more scarce are the world population grows. News reports of water shortages are becoming more and more common. There is one step that homeowners can take to combat the water shortages. It is relatively simple and inexpensive to implement, and it will save thousands of gallons of water annually: collect and use rainwater.

Green Living Tip to Save Thousands of Gallons of Water: Graywater Recycling

Conserving fresh water is becoming more important due to the simple fact that water is a natural resource that is increasingly in short supply. Water restrictions are imposed on a regular basis in major metropolitan areas. What can the average consumer do to help combat the water shortages? The answer: use graywater.

Decorating Your Home With Bamboo Fencing

Looking to re-decorate and spruce up your home? One of the most popular things households are doing these days is bamboo fencing. This is not just a unique theme to have on your home, it is also a very durable.

Eco Tips for Cosmetic Remodels and Getting Houses Ready for the Real Estate Market the Green Way

Home buyers are increasingly concerned about green features in a home & the desire for more eco features will continue to grow in coming years. If you’re considering any repairs or remodeling to your property, it’s in your best interest to go as green as possible. If you’re not selling any time soon, it will still boost your future resale.

Sun Control Systems For Any Budget

As the temperatures begin to creep up and our air conditioning bill begins to climb, we begin to think of ways to control the intrusion of the sun into our homes. The bright sunlight can not only raise our temperatures but can ruin furniture and rugs as well.

Homemade Electricity: A Primer For The Beginner

The idea of constructing your personal electricity generation system could sound a little crazy. Our lives revolve around the flip of a switch. Like flowing water, wind, light and heat, electricity is just another form of energy. With the exception of lightning which is unpredictable, finding other natural forms of electricity is rare and generates minimal power at best. With some experimentation, common sense and time generating your own electricity can be easier than you think.

Why Go Organic?

The world today has never been the same. Recent population figures show that the world has been having more humans than ever and the growth rate has exceeded healthy projections by experts. The world now has total of approximately six billion people. And those, each one of them, use energy and live from the resources that are generously supplied by Mother Earth.

Wind Turbine Installation Cautions

Very cheap electricity can be a blessing for anyone who lives in the countryside, especially in a remote location. If you have plenty of wind, you can harness its power with the help of a turbine. While at it, though, it’s good to pay attention to a few safety rules, in order to prevent accidents.

Harvest Your Own God-Given Water

Water is something we often take for granted, but it’s something we absolutely cannot live without! As such, I believe it stands to reason that we should do what we can to “recycle” it and reclaim it when possible.

All About Wool Area Rugs

Now that you’ve decided what look you want, you need to decide on the cloth that fits the use of the room. Wool rugs are hugely appealing but can be challenging to maintain if used in large locations filled with many people. They are lush, and will command admiration so really should be chosen for those places where individuals sit and loosen up and in dining locations with more formal nature.

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