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Why Converting to Solar Power Will Increase Your Property Value

The one often time overlooked advantage of converting your home entirely or partially to be powered by solar is the impact on the property value. We all know about the saving on energy bill or the environment benefits of generating electricity with solar. However, the fact is that a house complete with a well designed solar energy system is valued 100% more than a comparable property that depends on the grid for power.

Help Reduce Pollution, Go Solar

With growing concerns related to pollution and other environmental issues, a seemingly large segment of the world population is looking for cleaner and sustainable ways of living. It is no wonder that many people are switching to renewable sources of energy rather than depending on fossil fuels.

How to Build Solar Panels: Types of Solar Panels

There are many advantages to making a long term investment into solar panels. You can begin converting over to solar energy today by learning how to make solar panels. There are two major types of solar panels that can be built. In this article, there is information on both types of solar panels and their advantages and disadvantages.

Water of California – Is All the Fresh Water on Earth Polluted?

The fresh water of California, is it polluted or is it still pure? California is maybe one of the most populated areas of the United States. Don’t you think this would be one of the areas in the United States the most polluted with the least fresh water available? Well, you might be in for a surprise.

Top Ten Water Conservation Tips

In certain areas of the country, water is life as well as a very limited commodity. This is certainly the case in many municipal water districts such as the California water districts located around Los Angeles County. Here are ten water conservation ideas residents in these areas can use to help avert a water shortage.

6 Water Saving Tips For Your Yard

Saving water in your yard or garden can both lower your utility bills and keep your outdoor space healthy and beautiful. While any vegetation that you have outdoors will require watering once in awhile, most does not actually need to cost nearly as much water as the average home owner tends to use. Read on for some simple water saving tips for your yard.

Make Super Cheap Seed Starters

If you want to start your plants indoors weeks before you can put them into the ground, soil blocks is the way to go. They have many advantages, but the main one is that soil blocks GREATLY reduce transplant shock, leaving you with more survivors in your garden. They won’t create root balls like starter pots or trays, they don’t limit roots in the soil like peat or paper pots, and they don’t destroy roots like flats.

Solar Energy Homes – Making the Sensible Choice

Information is the key to making the right decisions when thinking of solar energy homes. The cost savings is the reason most people think solar. The overall protection of our environment and the cost savings put together make a great argument for turning to a renewable resource.

Reality Check With Green Eco Club

Going green is not supposed to be difficult or expensive. It is not supposed to be restricted to those who are wealthy enough to afford the lifestyle. Green products are often more pricey than the usual products in the market but there is a way to still use such products without having to spend so much. The tips on how to do this come with the Green Eco Club membership that provides all you need to know about leading a green lifestyle.

Mystery Revealed! Nikola Tesla Secret Review

The Nikola Tesla Secret shows a very convincing video that has a device crafted from electronic bits and pieces that can fit in a guy’s palm. These materials alone assembled a device that charged a cell phone. Energy was extracted from the environment without fuel or batteries of any kind. The concept behind it lies on the radiant energy suspended around the earth’s surroundings that is extracted by the Nikola Tesla generator to produce electrical energy. A blueprint for the circuit system guides how to build this generator. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg! The secret device can power not only a cell phone but your whole house of appliances. You can utilize enough radiant energy so you won’t have to pay for electricity ever again, saving tons of money in the process.

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