Connecting two Harbor Freight 35-AH AGM batteries together in series for off-grid solar power

Rain Gardens: What Are They and How to Build One

Rain gardens are the perfect way to control storm water run-off on your property. Rain gardens are shallow depressions in the ground that are designed to capture storm water. Without a rain garden, this water would likely run-off into the street where it would be collected in the storm drainage system. This water flows through a system of pipes before it is discharged directly into a stream or river. Storm water captured in a rain garden will infiltrate back into the soil, thereby reducing the amount of water that enters the storm drainage system.

Some General Information About Compost

Compost is basically plant material, scraps of food, kitchen waste and other biodegradable materials that are decomposed and used as fertilizers for trees and plants. It is a great way to reduce the amount of garbage a household can produce and recycled for other use. Most people who have big open yards and garden usually dig pits or have pails, buckets or other enclosures placed outdoors to create compost. It is usually placed outdoors so that the malodorous fumes which are released during the decomposition do not stink up the house.

Is Solar Power Right for You? Read This To Find Out

As energy prices rise and the cost of solar cells drop, more and more people have been installing solar energy systems in their homes to generate the cheapest electricity. Although there are several residential renewable energy systems, solar energy has emerged as one of the most popular due to its (comparatively) low cost and low maintenance requirements.

How to Make Solar Panels by Yourself

For the longest time, the cost of installing solar panels in households has hindered many people from harnessing the unlimited energy that the sun can provide and choose clean energy. Nowadays, homemade solar panels have been gaining much popularity. They are much cheaper compared to the commercially produced solar panels that you can buy.

Ways Of Recycling Old Newspapers

Much of global waste is caused by extensive need and use of paper products. Many forms account as paper materials ranging from its necessity in schools, offices, business companies, and supermarkets. Above all, homes give a great contribution to the already mounting up landfill that many cities and states have been worrying about. One of the most widely used paper products very abundant in neighborhoods and in houses is the newspaper. While local curbside recycling centers continue to do their job in processing these pieces of garbage into reusable items, residents as well must take on the responsibility of doing what they possibly can to help in decreasing the amount of trash.

Solar Panel Cost

A solar power plant project has many ingredients one of the main being the cost of solar panels. Together with inverters they make about 60% of all costs of building a power plant and connecting it to the grid and proportion of their costs is falling. Solar panels come in different sizes and power so the best way to compare is in price per watt.

Composting Tips – Simple Ways to Speed Up Decomposition

Having a home composting pile promotes the green lifestyle, as you’ll probably already have a garden in place to benefit from decomposing material. But let’s face it, nature likes to take its time when breaking down organic material into more viable nutrients. Want to speed things up? Try these tips to accelerate Mother Nature’s work, and soon you’ll be able to provide lush matter for growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Simple Steps To Go Green

Looking for some simple steps you can take to make your home more environmentally friendly? Here are a few suggestions!

Ideas About Conserving Water At Home

When it comes to conserving water, small actions can have a big impact. The average household spends as much as $500 per year on its water and sewer bill.

AC Solar Panels Make Solar Brain Dead Simple

In the past, solar installations had to be engineered, and purchased in large sections to be effective. With the advent of micro inverter technology, solar panel manufacturers are now creating AC solar panels, which simply plug into your existing electrical system, one panel at at time. You can start going green today, and add solar until you have all you need, one panel at a time if necessary!

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