Company Converts Classic Cars into Electric Vehicles

Versatility of Silk Trees and Other Silk Pieces

Silk trees are special artificial plants that are growing popular in homes and offices today. Special silk trees in smaller forms of artificial flowers, ivy and ferns grace table-tops of dining tables, side tables, hallway tables or display tables in homes and offices. These types of indoor plant pieces are getting popular as part of the home or office decor today.

Does It Still Make Fiscal Sense to Invest in Solar Panels in Cambridge?

Last autumn there was a huge influx in people expressing an interest in installing solar panels on their roofs to reduce their costs thanks to the Feed in Tariff incentive provided by the government. However, the tariffs are set to be hugely affected by cuts – is investing in solar panels in Cambridge still worthwhile?

Tips for Using Reusable Shopping Bags

With the growing problems in environmental pollution, consumers today are encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle. And we can start doing this by using green reusable bags.

The Vegetable Garden Planner – Getting Started With Home Gown Vegetables

Getting started as a vegetable garden planner can have both healthy and economical benefits in addition to being a rewarding hobby. We try to show you how to succeed in your quest for home grown organic vegetables.

Reduce and Reuse With Rainwater and Lower Your Impact On the Earth

The article explains what a rainwater garden is and how to install one. You will also read about why rainwater gardens are important in watershed management.

Green Homes Save Money

Did you know that a certified green home that has an integrated design of conservation and environmental sustainability will offer improved resale value to the seller? Let’s be real, not all of us are going to all that effort to certify our home. That being said, what will it take to make the house you own green and what is in it for you?

Green Building – Why You Should Care

A properly built home or building can save you money, improve your health and hopefully help turn around our environment which is falling apart rapidly. Sound good? It should, but before you go down this path, please understand that there are several different perspectives on what is really “Green”.

Economics and Lifestyle Benefits of Living Green

Energy costs are rising and they will never come down. Therefore, one of the first things you should look at is the efficiency of your insulation and energy conservation. If you have drafts, there is a good chance that you are spending more in heating and A/C costs than you should.

Buy Green Products and Save Money

Here are some great examples of green materials for the home, some may work for you and all can be executed quickly with a minimum amount of effort. Green products and saving money are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Live Green and Save Money at the Same Time

There are two daunting problems that people are faced with nowadays, both are crucial and critical. The first one could be personal, while the other is collective: economy and environment. The first problem is what is shaking the world today.

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