CLEAN ENERGY – The Solar and Geothermal Way II XIF II 16th January, 2022

Shun Plastic Bags, Save Planet Earth

Plastic bags are manufactured out of polyethylene, which is supposed to be the best material to manufacture plastic bags from. It is said to have adverse effects on the environment and, in turn, the ecosystem. One cannot easily eliminate these bags from the surroundings without polluting the locality, as they’re largely non-biodegradable.

Green Home Improvements That Pay

Going green is bigger than ever but still some people worry that adding a little green to their next remodeling project will cost them extra money and cause more hassle than they can really handle. In the case of many elements of green remodeling though the exact opposite is actually true.

Making Efficient Energy Choices For the Home – Part 1, Planning and Understanding Your Energy Usage

Before a homeowner moves forward with implementing a sustainable energy system, there are many items that the homeowner has to understand about their home’s energy usage. This is the first in the series of articles relating to issues that are important to home owners embarking on a new heating, or solar or wind generated home electrical system put into the perspective of 2010 energy realities.

3 Advantages of Green Energy

The need for green energy is at an all time high as the world is faced with global warming, worldwide floods, and a nasty global haze encircling the planet. There is some environmentally safe energy producing alternatives that anyone can take advantage of that can help reduce the amount of greenhouse produced gasses and extend the life of the planet.

Wind Power Electricity – Is It Practical? Why Would You Want It?

Most of our planets power generation is heavily reliant on fossil fuels. This type of generation is mainly from petroleum products such as oil and gas or another highly polluting, unrenewable, cheap and plentiful source is coal. The type of energy sources is dependant on the different needs of the power companies and their consumers. The decision on what to use as a energy source to generate the electricity is mainly based on cost and reliability of supply. However these days the public expect more from their power generation companies and want clean renewable energy forcing the power companies to listen.

Energy Conservation Starts at Home – Living Green in America

Did you know that America consumes more electrical power than any other country in the world? Each one of us has to alter our own habits. Those little alterations will compound into huge ones.

The Environmental Impact of Heating Our Homes

Have you ever stopped to wonder at the impact we have had on the world around us? While I admit that I approach construction and insulation from the standpoint of the economics of it (how much money can be saved), there can be no doubt that those who come from an environmental responsibility point of view have a very sound argument. I recently watched Leonardo Dicaprio’s documentary “The 11th Hour” on the state of our environment.

Magniwork Generator

If you wish to have a free energy generator at home but are hesitant because it might not work as you expected, then, most probably, you are yet to come across the Magniwork Generator. Magniwork provides a magnetic generator like many that are available in the market today. You may ask what makes it different from others. Well, continue reading and rest assured that after the last word in this article, you will know everything about this phenomenal creation.

Three Reasons to Clean Green

They say if you can find three good reasons to do something, then you definitely should. So, here are three really good reasons to go green when you clean.

Introduction to Solar Panels

Photovoltaic solar panels generate electricity by converting the energy radiated from the sun. As the name suggests photo meaning “light” and voltaic meaning “electricity”. These panels are getting popular day by day due to their effective use. Cleaner energy sources are in huge demand due to larger benefits they provide.

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