China’s UNBELIEVABLE Renewable Energy Innovation And POWER

A Green Fall Maintenance Checklist For Your Home

Just like spring cleaning, you really should get your home ready for the winter. Here are a couple of projects that you will want to get accomplished although the weather is still nice out (or if you happen to be in the North, before the snow falls).

Green Furniture Guide

Many people today are “going green” in a variety of manners. One more way to go green is with your furniture. Wood furniture is naturally better for the environment, but jumping the gun and simply buying all the wooden furniture you set your eyes on can be a mistake.

Making Solar Panels From Scratch – Is It Better Than Using a Kit?

I was surprised to find out the difference in the cost from buying a DIY kit to making solar panels from scratch where I can buy the materials on my own. Sure the kit is easier, but consider these points first.

LED Energy – Saving Light Will Be the Trend Of the Next Lighting Generation

This article introduces the great advantage of LED lights compared with the traditional ones. It also introduces the problems that the industry faces and how to solve them by taking proper measures.

Handy Hints for Creating the Perfect Organic Garden

Starting up an organic garden does not need to be an overwhelming task – though it does seem that you will have plenty of things to sort out as you get ready! But once you’ve answered the questions of how much space you have, how much time you want to commit to keeping your green space and what kind of produce you hope to grow, you are well on your way.

Daylighting – The Most Successful Strategy of Saving Energy and Costs

Before the invention of electric lights, buildings were specially designed in ways to facilitate sunlight penetration into the interior spaces. Despite the long history of utilizing the daylighting strategy of illuminating rooms, architects and lighting designers are just beginning to appreciate its usage as a ‘green’ device. The Concept of Daylighting – Daylighting does not simply refer to the practice of placing openings, windows and reflective surfaces to facilitate effective internal lighting during the daytime.

What’s The Secret to Successful Composting Through the Winter?

Winter is approaching, and unfortunately a lot of people give up composting and hibernate. Big mistake! Worm composting is the ideal solution for those that live in urban areas with limited space. Constructing a worm bin in the kitchen will keep your food scraps moving, and you’ll notice that they’re easy to maintain and a lot of fun to have.

Examples of Homemade Electricity

The question in asked – is it possible to construct your own homemade electricity? Is that really possible? Yes it is but you need to know about electricity. Just as heat and light are forms of energy so is electricity. Naturally occurring electric sources are static electricity and even lightning. Lightning we can’t contain and static electricity produces very little power. For example the static electricity that makes your hair stand up in an air-conditioned room or crackle when you take your jumper off. We are in luck because one basic law about energy is that it can be converted from one form to another. Hence their ware numerous ways to generate electricity.

Can Renewables Really Reduce Our Dependence on Oil?

As far as fossil fuels go, only one thing is certain: we will, one day, run out. For too long the world has depended almost completely on the continued availability of oil, gas and coal but can we really regard renewable energy sources as the way ahead? Can renewable energies really be the answer to reducing our need for fossil fuels?

Fair Trade Cotton and How To Avoid Child Labour

Cotton is a widely used material and must of us are depending on cotton production in order to put clothes in our closets. But have you ever thought where it comes from and how it is produced? The fact it that over two thirds of the world’s cotton production take place in developing countries and the former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, there are many regrettable incidents taking place in the cotton fields. Child labour, human rights violations, massive environmental pollution and a major threat to human health, just to mention a few.

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