Can Greenboats’ Sustainable Natural Fiber Composites Transform Wind Energy?

Several Ways You Can Live Off the Grid

Off grid living is a rather simple idea to explain, but quite a challenging thing to embark on. But however challenging it may be, an individual who is willing to sacrifice the things he has gotten used to, using conventional power from the national or local power grid, can certainly make it work.

The Solar Cell Home: Can You Afford It?

Since the recognition of these fossil fuels as unsustainable and dangerous to both life on earth and human beings, research moved towards the creation of safer and cleaner energy source. One of which is, the use of solar cells to harness the sun’s energy and produce electrical energy for our daily needs. Every hour, the sun’s energy that comes to earth is equivalent to the energy consumption of human beings in a year. The gigantic and endless energy of the sun is sustainable…

Shipping Container Architecture Of The Future!

Are you tired of living in a home that is identical in looks to thousands of your neighbors. If you are read this article!! It will open your eyes to a whole new world of home design.

Building With Shipping Containers

What makes a home?  And what attributes do we want in our homes? The most important factors I believe are strength, stability, purpose, character and beauty.

Benefits of Solar Panels That People Tend To Overlook

Everybody wishes to minimize their cost in electrical power of their households. Certainly, a single way to do this is to limit the use of any electrical equipment in our homes, but most of us discover this challenging to do. An additional alternative is to purchase solar panels for your individual electrical needs.

Going Green and Saving Money: 3 Green Living Tips That Will Save You Money

Can going green actually save you money? Maybe you are not convinced of that. If so, that would be entirely understandable. Without a doubt, there are a number of consumer items promoted under the “Green Living” rubric that cost more than comparable “non green” items. Evidently, there are enough consumers who are willing to pay a premium for products labeled “green” that marketers can make a good living selling various items this way. But you don’t have to follow that crowd. In fact, establishing a greener lifestyle can actually save you money if you go about it the right way. My focus is very much on how consumers can save money as they go green. And it makes sense to create your green lifestyle this way. Cutting back on energy use, conserving water, driving your car less, and buying certain items second-hand are all actions that reduce your consumption of resources. Why should that cost you more? In fact, it doesn’t. Following the three Rs- of “reduce reuse, and recycle” is the best prescription for saving money as you go green. Here are 3 tips for living that greener lifestyle that are guaranteed to save you money.

Green Living Ideas: 5 Ways Not to Live A Greener Lifestyle

Going green is increasingly popular as a way to reduce energy use, conserve water, and recycle and reuse materials to avoid overburdening local landfills. Not everyone has adopted a greener lifestyle, and some people seem to have rejected green living outright. I find this attitude peculiar, as living greener is also a way to save money. However, if you are one of those people who prefers not to live greener, then this article is for you. Here are five tips on how not to go green.

Solar Panels: Learn the Basics Before You Buy

Many people think about having solar panels installed on their house, but it is important to consider the costs and the benefits of this product before buying. Decide if you will need someone else to install the panels and whether you can afford it.

How to Install Solar Power System

Installing a solar power system is relatively easy. However, it should be installed in a proper manner to make the most out of it. You really don’t need to be a technical expert to install a system at your home. Follow the simple steps and you will be able to install a solar power system in your home.

Tips for a Green Apartment Lifestyle

Whether you’ve moved into a condominium or housing development that features ENERGY STAR-certified appliances or if you’re doing it yourself, there are plenty of help the environment through thoughtful living. Here are a few quick and simple tips that any apartment or condo owner can incorporate into their every day life.

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