Can Bitcoin clean up toxic waste?

Heating Your Home With A Simple Solar Water Heater

Winter home or workshop heating can quickly become a very expensive situation and not everyone is able to make use of firewood. But for the do-it-your-selfer there are other alternatives. There are many ways to make an inexpensive solar-powered water heater and they are basically quite simple.

4 Green Projects That Will Save You Money

Chances are you are looking for ways to go green to reduce your power consumption and save money. Here are 4 projects you can consider that have varying difficulty.

Why Use Reclaimed Building Materials

An article exploring the use of reclaimed building supplies in both professional and DIY projects. Discusses architectural salvage yards and methods of finding them online.

Save Money With a Solar Hot Water Heater

If you did not know, your hot water heater is one of your biggest energy users. In a total electrically powered home for a family of four persons the average cost is $33.18 per month just for hot water. This even takes in the fact that modern appliances are more energy efficient than years ago.

Use Railway Sleepers for Your Landscaping Needs

When you are looking for materials to construct your home, to decorate your abode, to beautify your gardens, there are a few things that you must consider. The material should be sturdy, strong and durable.

Solar Panels: Know How to Compare to Get the Best Deal

If you are considering purchasing solar panels for your house, you are likely looking to save not only energy, but also money. You should find out the best ways to compare offers before you make this major purchase so that you get the best deal.

9 Reasons Why Solar PV Is a Good Investment for Your Home

With climate change at the forefront of the agenda, there has been much discussion and research into finding an alternative to traditional sources of energy. Solar PV offers a number of advantages over other sources of renewable energy. Here are 9 reasons why investing in solar PV for your home benefits both you and the environment.

Build Your Own Wind Turbine at Home

Believe it or not, small wind turbines are not just projects for bearded enthusiasts, but a real possibility for the average home owner. Read on to decide if a wind turbine project is something you could tackle.

Living Green and Saving Money: Saving Water By Graywater Recycling

Green living means following the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Adopting a greener lifestyle is important for improving the environment and conserving scarce resources. One of those key resource is fresh water. Water is fast becoming a natural resources that is in short supply, particularly in major metropolitan areas. The changing dynamics of supply and demand are also sending the cost of water higher. Therefore, establishing a greener lifestyle by saving water will also result in saving money as well. A number of green living changes in habits focus on using less water through taking shorter showers, using low flush toilets, and installing low flow fixtures on faucets and showers. Although it is not talked about nearly as much, the adaptation of gray water recycling has the potential for an even greater impact on water use.

Lead and Asbestos – Getting to Know the Hazards

Inspection is important. It may be an additional expense but this will help you identify materials that could pollute your home and could cause health problems. Two of the most popular pollutant that you should be eliminated in your homes is lead and asbestos.

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