Brilliant DIY Off-Grid Water Heater Using a Rocket Stove – No Propane!

Going Green With Recycled Glass Countertops

There are so many ways of making your home more eco-friendly, but one of the most beautiful ones is with Recycled Glass Countertops. A kitchen remodel is usually an expensive and time consuming project that we only want to have to do one time. This makes it the perfect time to make your home more eco-friendly or “greener”.

Building a Green Roof – City of Toronto By-Laws

The purpose of the Toronto Green Roof construction Standard is to provide requirements to the design or a green roof construction while meeting the Ontario Building Code requirements. Any Green Roof being constructed in the City of Toronto, Ontario that exceeds 2000 square meters must first fill out a Green Roof Declaration form and submit it to the Municipality of Toronto; you can find the Green Roof Declaration form at the city of Toronto’s website.

Home Recycling Tips

It feels good to recycle. Here are some simple guidelines to help you sort household plastic, paper, glass and metals.

Energy Audit Training – Taking the First Steps

Whether you are a home owner who wants to take the health of your house into your own hands, or you are a professional who is interested in expanding your building analysis knowledge, there are a variety of benefits to going through basic energy audit training. This can involve a wide range of topics, ranging from insulation and ventilation to different heating and cooling systems.

Three Incredibly Easy and Efficient Ways to Save Lots of Money by Going Green

Save lots of money by going green. Sleep easy at night knowing you are lowering your environmental impact on the planet, while keeping your hard earned money in the bank.

What You Need to Understand About Solar Panel Installation

The best thing about contemporary homes is that you are given innumerable options in order to get the most of your real property investment. Given the pressing issues in the economic and ecological sectors, more and more home owners see the importance of using energy efficient sources for their homes particularly solar energy consumption. If you are thinking about this alternative, it is undoubtedly important to explore more information about solar panels and the proper installation.

5 Facts You Need to Know About How to Build Your Own Solar Panels

With today’s cost of living rising and the economy suffering like it is we all need to find ways to cut corners. Solar panels are one way of reducing monthly expenses in the long run and also increases the value of your home.

Looking For a Fun Home Improvement Project?

If you’re looking for fun, relatively inexpensive projects that you can do around the house to add value to your home, you should consider “going green.” For those willing to put in a bit of “sweat equity” these types of projects can pay off big in the long-term and even in the shorter term. Even if you do not want to do the work yourself, it might be worth hiring someone to green up your abode.

How to Make and Use Organic Pest Repellants

This article gives you tips on how to make and use organic green pest repellants. From fence making to organic sprays, effective and environmentally safe options are easy to use and in expensive.

Do You Need an Electromagnetic Power Generator?

Electromagnetic power generators have captured the interest of many, as they work on their own, completely off the grid to make a surplus of energy. At the very least, you can build your own home energy generator that will reduce your power bill by 30%.

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